Sunday, March 21, 2010


When I trust you and share all my thoughts,
I don’t expect a betrayal even in my dream,
And if you do, nothing much would happen
Only, you would then be a lesser human being

Whenever I find someone putting all his trust in me; taking me around the darker corners of his inner-space, I have always felt that at that moment he is giving me one of the greatest compliments and that is : “ You are trusted.” But how difficult it is to hold on to someone’s secret. Sometimes it becomes too heavy but then that is the test.

If you succumb to your own pressure and share the same with someone then one thing is sure: Pleasure of being a trust worthy person will be lost. And temptation will be greater when betraying someone would mean some material gain for you. Either get material gain and let a part of your spirit die or shun the material gain and let the spirit glow. Later appears to be a difficult choice? But then I ask - Should there be another choice?
Getting trusted indeed is the most glowing tribute anyone can ever get.
Try and see your spirit and in turn life glowing. Trust Me.


  1. Well said. Getting trusted is most glowing tribute one can get.

    Holding that trust adds to strength of character.

  2. After reading your blog something hit me and I blogged it in two lines. Must say an inspiration from your write up:
    "If I ever betray you,
    I'll lose all the trust I have in myself."
    Thanks Rameshji for inspiring me.

  3. Hi Rajat,

    Just one word for this....WOW!