Sunday, April 11, 2010


A puff of fresh breeze teased my hair
Cuckoo cooed saying a happy hello,
A dove dived to shake hands
Bunch of clouds appeared smiling
Fading moon waved at me
Fragrant flowers danced around
Blades of grass shone with dew

That’s when the first ray of Sun
Gently passed God’s message,
“All this morning magnificence
Glory, splendor and grandeur
It’s God’s special gift for you
For HE found you radiant with purity
Having come out with your real face...”

And then with a twinkle she quizzed,
“Where did you leave your mask?”


  1. Nice indeed... I have not been poetic about it but yes I talked about a Mask that we wear. Goodness is something that should be imbibed in you rather than an act for you.

  2. Thank you Rajat and Aayushi..Your comments always make me happy..

  3. Wonderful Sir...I am in love with this poem... :)

  4. nice twist and makes me think where i hid my mask!

  5. I liked the way "twinkle" and "quizzed" sounded together.

  6. God takes so much time to carve each one a unique face and then we go on to lead our lives with a mask!!! Sad...