Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Will Prefer to Call it ' Giving'

(Written for 3WW Prompt - Jump, Bait and Victim)

I Will Prefer to Call It 'Giving'

Having stayed
At the same place for years together
Perhaps, every one around came to know
About my strengths and weaknesses
And also about my propensity to get
Excited on getting any challenge
That would need my thoughts to
Take flights to the unknown
This knowledge often made
Men in power throw the bait
And I will find myself happily
Burning midnight oil
To help others get all the light
Yes, I often found myself in the shadows
Quietly enjoying, yet many
Termed it as being a victim of power
Well, it didn't affect much
I often found people made to
Over my head, but then
How could I regret
I had made my own clear choice
And I was being given my chances
To be creative constantly
Ah! this unquenchable thirst..
Which indeed kept me going
And made me happy...
Doesn’t the flower smile after blooming
And choose to spread fragrance all around
Knowing that it would be plucked
But then the fact that it bloomed
Like a flower, fulfilling the purpose
Of its existence
Appears to be enough for it
To retain its smile and cheerfulness..
A rough patch where I learnt to 'expect'
Saw me losing my smile
But that was an unbearable cost
For seeking so called illusive success
And now that one understands
The world a little better
One can weigh the pros and cons
And choose to ignore the
Being thrown, and refuse to
Become what some call a
Depending upon ones inner calling
And one can hold ones
Head so high, that the other would need
Atleast to do a pole-vault to jump over
No more kind of a cake walk
Anyways, let people sympathise
Yet, I won't call it being victimised
I will prefer to call it '


  1. wow.. corporate life.. the ones jumping over the shoulders of those who held their hand in hard times seem to prosper more, but yet without those who held their hand, loneliness might get another victim soon too..

    nice pacy verse.. a good read.. lots of givers out there in the world i think..

  2. Wow! This was a wonderful read. And I think, unless I am wrong, that this poem really expresses who you are, doesn't it?

    It's about one's state of mind, and how we choose to perceive things. You said you made your clear choices, and what becomes of those choices could be seen, by some, as something awful, but you see the potential and the spectacle. A man who is living life.

    Well done.

  3. This is such a beautiful read. I think those who jump over head mostly have side affects that arent very pretty. Its better to be a giver than a taker...while the taker might seem to have achieved success, its the giver that has the Joy.

  4. I really liked the pace of this, the message.

  5. This comes right from the soul. The right choice, too.

  6. Yet I will prefer to say that I was 'Giving’ - yes, I prefer that too. I think it's very easy to overlook people and it's neither good or bad

  7. humbleness of heart is the best, but i pray that you won't be a victim of abuse!

    very nice poem Ramesh!

    btw, thanks for penning a beautiful acrostic on my pen gave a smile on my lips. well, you can do well with acrostics, why not join us at Acrostic Only, check it on my side bar. every month, at least 13 prompts are up for us to work on and link to AO when done...actually there are badges up for grabs there...try it and who knows you will win from any one of those prompst! good luck!!!

    and yes, i no longer comment back on comments of my readers but i do try my best to be in their blogs like i do today...i don't have the luxury of time to do so...hopefully soon...please bear with it!

  8. Thanks a lot all of you for visiting and sparing your moments to comment on this write..I am sure this happens and one needs to create a happier and stronger inner environemnt to continue to smile and be keep in touch..

  9. Well said 'I will prefer to call it 'Giving’...'

    after-all it was your choice.

  10. what an apt comparison of flowers purpose to life.. and the one who serves his heart will never become a victim of the world.

  11. Wise and wonderful poem. It really touched me, especially your metaphor of the flowers.

  12. Thanks, Thomma Lyn for visiting my page and encouraging.. tried to reach you thoruh blog but somehow couldn't.. hope to see more visits here.. and it's ggod to know you are a novelist.. every person born is a story.. that's what i think..

  13. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Evening!
    Hearty congrats for such a wonderful poem and a stronger message.Oh!I loved the comparison of life to the blooming of flowers.
    One can see the confidence and self respect.Life and the experiences teach us valuable lessons.
    Giving is a beautiful experience.:)
    ''Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot;but make it hot by striking''.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,