Saturday, July 17, 2010

OSI Prompt 125: Preponderance

Preponderance of Positives

Moving on with the inner strength
Gained over years of contemplation
Charting newer, unexplored paths
I found my beautiful world of thoughts,
And the journey through troughs and peaks
Saw a novice’s dream getting fulfilled
As I published my maiden book
‘A Little More Than Ordinary”
And sought acknowledgement
From the one who had shown me
The path very many years ago
But acknowledgement didn’t come alone
It came along with the contrasting twins
Masked Appreciation and Critical Judgment ..

No, English didn’t suit me and I needed to
Write in my own mother tongue
Preponderance was exercised
Once again, at the first opportunity
Nothing appeared to have changed
In spite of distance of years in between
Superiority looked straight in my face
Was it flaunting of wisdom as a matter of right
That perhaps had been bestowed
Respecting intelligence
During those days of innocence
Or were those my own complexes
That made me unnecessarily read
Even that what was not really intended..

But then I had to take it in my stride
Because it’s pretty natural that
A view from top of the mountain
Will make even the tallest tree look small
And I was no more than a little sapling
Vainly struggling to grow
Under a large tree all these years
Destiny had taken away my mother
And uprooting me , essential for my story,
Had transplanted me far away from my hometown
Where my mother-tongue stayed confined
To the environs inside my own four walls
And then to be expected to write
In my own mother tongue
But then perhaps it was to happen.....

With one more push from
Another place, unexpected and unseen
Finally I expressed in the language
That I had internalized perhaps
In my infantile days,
Hopefully meeting expectations partially
Because I had used English script
Picking up fond memories of my ‘Childhood’
Who had walked along throughout
Holding my finger, often resting quietly
In the warmer corners of my heart,
And I have never been able to
Let it go…for without it, I know
I couldn’t have grown-up..
And this wonderful companionship
Has resulted in preponderance of positives
Over negatives, keeping me as I said
Most of the time, in a happier state of mind..


  1. This is so deep thinking - really comes from the heart. And the positive system that arises is good.

  2. Conflict within that a criticism can create described so well.

  3. a preponderance of positives.. yes, i like that.. :)

  4. The inner struggles of standing for who you are have been explored and crafted beautifully in this poem!

  5. An interesting and challenging journey, yours!

  6. I am moved by the contrasts of the journey and the preponderance of the positive.

  7. This is really creative and deep thinking writing!

  8. That we quite a journey you took us on. Your quest to write and publish a book is a metaphor to life. Yet when we write a chapter, we don't know how others will interpret our work. Nicely crafted.

  9. lovely thoughts!!

  10. Ramesh -- Here's to a happier state of mind, always. Wonderful reflection on keeping one's focus on the preponderance of positives in one's life.


  11. wonderful... a well defined journey, may this journey go on as beautiful as it can be

  12. Surely a wonderful and interesting journey of yours - love the preponderance of positives!

  13. And this wonderful companionship
    Has resulted in preponderance of positives
    Over negatives, keeping me as I said
    Most of the time, in a happier state of mind..

    may this happiness always linger!

  14. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Evening!
    I am sorry,I am late to reach your wonderful post.
    Ramesh,one must learn from you to have a positive outlook of negative aspects of life!I loved the way,you expressed the conflicts,anxiety and confusions of thoughts.
    But as always you emerge the stronger and more positive.
    Thank you so much for the inspiring lines.
    Wishing you a lovely night,

  15. Hello all .. Preponderance of appreciative comments is indeed very heartening.. hey, thanks for creating of a better world every day bit by bit..yes, we all will reach stronger, happier and better..doesn't matter from where we started.. love..

    Ramesh Sood

  16. Oh, you've got a book published? achievement really!

    I know that feeling when we are no native speaker of the English language, we really struggle hard to be comfy with it...but still, we lack some more of it but we can survive in this English-speaking world...:_)

    If ur book is written in your native language, then i can'd read it...

  17. What an excellent poem- it really defines your journey and lets us see more of who you really are! Thank you!

  18. innocence is a beautiful being...