Friday, July 2, 2010


( Written for Three Words Wednesday)

Even if the relationships are Hassle-free
One works hard to make them stronger
Injecting the wealth of love & trust
One keeps them alive a lot longer

Yet over time these lovely relationships
Have this uncanny propensity to regress,
The one who begins as a strength,

Slowly turns into weakness...


  1. Dear Ramesh,
    Good Evening!
    Very True!I can realate so well.
    The relationsships then becomes a burden to the mind and becomes too heavy to carry.
    So giving enough space let the grow from the weak tendrils to the strong stem!
    Silence will be a good manure[in between].:)
    Well expressed thought,Ramesh!
    Enjoy-three holidays[don't work on Sunday].
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend,

  2. True sir...but there have been times, when I worry a lot about relations, which I suppose to have become my weakness, suddenly they surprise me, when I find them standing ahead, lamp in hand, with an enlivening smile, imploring me, daring me to be strong. In that moment those relations get transformed into my strength. Again.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful lines

  3. the song..'kitne ajeeb rishtey hai yaha pe'
    wht more can I say..

  4. Relationship based on love strengthens with time. Mind has no role to play here. Everything is OK in this relationship.

    Relationship based on understanding will see its ups & downs for mind plays dominant role here.

    I agree with Anupama. Silence will help love to blossom.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. truly said's our strength only which becomes weakness at a later point of life...

  6. so true! very nicely written

  7. Nicely said though I am not sure whether it would apply to all relationships.Some do not fade or stale with years.

  8. Well, there's such a truth in this.

  9. Cant agree more, though everyone would want relationships to last forever. It requires effort