Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thankful Nature, Thankful She....Haiku

Written for Haiku Heights..
  Prompt: Thanks

She waters plants 
humming along with love birds;
thankful nature
Lovely morning as
 nature reveals fresh colours;
thankful she..


  1. Both poems are lovely and loving.

  2. Beautiful as always, Ramesh,
    How about some "HE" poetry? It is your voice!

    1. Judy,

      Your comment made me think ...and I realised that 'He' is an inseparable part of S(he)... Any experience of 'She' is the experience of 'He' too....Yet your suggestion is welcome..

      Her morning smile
      makes his heart smile too;
      a day begins..

    2. Ah yes, he and she are inseparable in spirit . . . just not in body!
      The English language carries a different cadence for each word just as a man and woman's body have different strides.

      Either way Ramesh, your poetry is wonderful.

    3. Thanks Judy...poetry is deeply inspired by my connect with generous and kind souls like you whom I met first at HH... Leo has unknowingly given a new turn to my life by making me also think in minimum words in form of haiku... it has made a tremendous impact in my life.. and given me numerous friends.. too.....RS:)

    4. Ramesh, you are haikumeister personified.