Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ah! To find each other again ..

Years of craving and a deep hunger
I only wanted to be understood
Is it asking for too much..

And today I experience a joy, a thrill
Stemming from the knowledge, that
This space attracts discerning minds

I know you will understand me
And you know I will; quietly we will slip
Into the darkness of night, each night

Without carrying any burden
Willing to wake up for another day
Ah! To find each other again

Aren't you all with me, friends..


  1. Hello Ramesh
    You seem like such a passionate person, and this passion for life shows in all of your poems. I love them all and I think you're very talented!
    Warmly Marinela :)

  2. Discerning minds with beautiful thoughts.. Something to share, something to learn..
    I started speaking with myself but now I'm heard
    I had my experiences and you had yours..
    Words sometimes comfort a lot.
    Thanks Rameshji.

  3. I loved this poem.

    "quietly we will slip
    Into the darkness of night, each night"

    Wonderfully said.

  4. Well poem is beautiful my friend.

    Aren't we just different pots, content being similar?

    I just posted a poem in response. Please do see it.

    Thank you.

  5. Lovely thoughts:
    ..'quietly we will slip
    Into the darkness of night, each night..'
    Thanks Ramesh Ji for sharing.

  6. Dear Ramesh,
    Good Evening!
    I loved this poem;the lines are simply beautiful!
    For such a good soul like you,dear,
    Friends will be always there!
    During the day,when the sun shines brighter,
    I do understand you are kind hearted!
    I am happy,Ramesh,I have come across a wonderful friend like you!:)

  7. Hello all,

    Thanks a lot to all you, friends.. lets continue to meet in this beautiful space..Thoughts are energy.. let us spread positive energy and practice happiness..God bless you all.