Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oubliette OSI Prompt # 120

Ah, So Much Unlike An Oubliette

Flashes of memories
From thousands of years ago
Often whisper in my ears, telling
A forgone tale
Of my annihilation

Punished for thinking different
Unwilling to follow the flock
Chained, bruised
Completely devastated
I was thrown in an oubliette
Condemned for eternity
Or so my captors thought
Could those peevish souls
Hold me there forever
No, they couldn’t
And I returned, renewed
In a fresh, new form
To this beautiful world of ours,
Journey into years
And I find nothing much has changed
Only the oubliette has been created
In darkened alleys

Of the conforming minds
Where the radical’s

Unacceptable form stands frozen
But the ‘radical' in me always knew
That he could invent

A different world and lo, he did it
Here I am absolutely free
Free to express, free to share
Living & enjoying a delightful life
Writing my poems
Commenting on yours
Willing to be a captive
In your heart

I won’t mind spending
A few millenniums there
For I know
It will be luminous and warm
Ah, so much unlike an Oubliette..
I have always wondered
Can the enlightened
Be forever kept away from the light
That stems from the source within
Will the ignorant ever understand..


  1. "Can the enlightened
    Be forever kept away from the light" - NO.

    And that is why they are confined.

    "And I find nothing much has changed
    Only the oubliette has been created
    In darkned alleys
    Of the conforming minds"

    Well said.

  2. Uplifting and hopeful words...your poem inspires. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Interesting poem, good poem. I chanced upon your blog by clicking your linked name from a comment on the blog of my good friend and co-poet David Dickens.

    A few lines in your poem remind me a little of lines I have read in the book (Leaves of Grass) of the greatest poet of America, Walt Whitman, who like you, dear brother, was "absolutely free, free to express, free to share living and enjoying a delightful life, writing my poems…"

    What is more valuable in life than real freedom?
    And what is there better to do with that freedom than share it with others?

  4. A yearning for that vital intellectual freedom in this. Excellently done.

  5. Thank you Harshadji, Sweetest in the Gale, Anthony North, Carina and Flaubert for your inspiring comments..

    And I am happy Mr. Romanós that you visited me by chance.. thanks for your attention and very inspiring comments and thought.. God bless!

  6. hello Ramesh~ your words aspire to freedom and what that can bring. nice use of the prompt. hope all is well. have a great day.

  7. Wow...I posted a comment here, a while back and it's lost...:) Now I forgot what I have written na...:)

    Anyway Ramesh, your poem sounds like a reincarnation, your reincarnation from your existence a thousand years back...but glad you enjoy now the blog, you write, and you enjoy friends at blogville...:)) not really an oubliette existence...:)

    Thanks for sharing this poem and I love that idea of reincarnation, too!

    And thank you also for your constant visit on my blog, it's uplifting and encouraging...:))

    Have a nice day Ramesh...:))

  8. The ignorant have no interest in understanding, Ramesh. They are only interested in suppression of independent thought and fear the light!

  9. the light......where is the light.....:)

  10. Hello all of you freinds.. Thanks a lot.. Shall be away for about 10 days.. may miss writing on the next OSI prompt.. but then will be back to share, and to receive...God bless!

  11. It sometimes feels like we are walking backward. Nice poem. Enjoy your away time!

  12. Ramesh...I am thankful that you followed your own path. It's a pleasure to be in this community of poets with people like you. Safe travels to you.

  13. @Rallentanda : I agree. Ignorants will avoid light.

    @Sandra(If) : Light is nowhere ... when eyes are closed.

    @ Ramesh Sood : Enjoy your vacation. Will miss u in this place.

  14. thanx a lot sir...m delighted to hear from u!

    my new blog adress is,,
    hope to hear more from dat i can improve in future!


  15. a new world.. really. a different connection and free communication.

    wonderful post

  16. Excellently told! Very hopeful as well. I love the lines:It will be luminous and warm
    Ah, so much unlike an Oubliette..
    I have always wondered
    Can the enlightened
    Be forever kept away from the light
    That stems from the source within"
    I, they can not!

  17. One is guided on the right path in total freedom, when the source of light is within.
    An inspiring post....
    Very well written.

  18. That was wonderful Ramesh. You are so creative :)
    Marinela x

  19. RS ji, sure, I like this. The "ignorant" are so because they refuse to understand
    And the enlightened will definitely keep going in search of that "light"
    The person who constantly thinks of self-renewal can sometimes be considered a recluse, as the others do not see the meaning in constant search for being different.
    I loved reading it.