Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Heard Icarus Laughing…

OSI Prompt  # 119 ICARUS

I Heard Icarus Laughing…

Absolutely on the edge
I was ready t o fly
Flapping my wings

of confidence
Grown over years of

Struggle and effort
As the vast space
Beckoned to take a plunge
Yet, innocent in me
Waited for a push, a blessing,
From a debonair
When suddenly hit by

An unseen force
I found myself swallowed

By complete darkness
With my feet tied, wings clipped
I was left on the cliff
To deteriorate, rust and
Slowly become part of the dust
But then, whatever those forces

Had Missed snuffing out
The light that burnt brightly
In my inner space
Thankfully, the draconian had failed
To recognise the glow..
And the luminosity that stemmed
Helped me lift my spirits
Emboldening me

To grow & nurture
Stronger , indestructible wings
This one time, one last time
Yes, I was being reborn
To renew my long stretched struggle
Far deeper so as to carve
A destiny studded

By a brighter future..
Yet a lingering thought stayed
Only if I were

And had a Daedalus to bestow me
Once more with wings and feathers
I would have flown
Keeping distance
From the blazing Sun
But mind rebuked and reminded,
“Hey, aren’t you reborn..
Haven’t you learnt your lessons?”
And I knew..I had already
Embarked upon the journey…
And after years of rebuilding
Of rejuvenation
I moved forward, took a plunge
This time without waiting,
As I flew,

I heard Icarus laughing
Perhaps he thought,
I would meet his fate
Alas! He was unaware that
No Sun could ever burn

My wings any more
No unseen draconian force

Could clip them
For I had grown

Stronger and imperishable

As the endless space
Awaited to get explored..

And somewhere
At a distance I could see
My destiny smiling..

cuddled in smooth
Hands of a happier future…

RS :)

Thank you, God, for letting it flow.... oh, it feels light...ahhhhhhhh!!!


  1. "I heard Icarus laughing" is a haunting intrusion on the persona's inner tensions! A dramatic piece of writing!

  2. I love that title line especially, too!

  3. Your poem is uplifting and so beautiful...I truly loved it. Thank you for sharing you words! "Icarus is laughing" made me think of our egos...they often belittle our inner spirit and keep us from moving forward.

  4. "At a distance I could see
    My destiny smiling..cuddled in smooth
    Hands of a happier future…"

    So be it! Beautiful.

  5. Things can improve. Thus your words:
    "As I flew, I heard Icarus laughing
    Perhaps he thought, I would meet his fate
    Alas! He was unaware ..."
    That is a great thought, worth remembering.
    Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean from the U.S. She was a leader in flying for women. But on her last flight, over the Pacific, she was lost, never to be found.
    Here is more on Amelia in History:
    Amelia Earhart Story
    Courtesy of Wikipedia
    Wikipedia article:

  6. It will take me some more time to become like the Icarus.. what a lovely write up and a wonderful message.

  7. Lots of positive and optimism here. Nice poem!

  8. there is everying in this poem...fear, dream, courage, optimism and lastly victory...
    very nice :)

  9. Thanks a lot all of you for gracing this post..and your comments.. Sweetest in the Gale.. I liked your interpretation.. and Sandy..true. but then to get released too.. that makes life very interesting and beautiful..

  10. I like the way you compare the tragedy of Icarus to challenges in life. If we fall, we must get up and try again. As we grow older and mature, we become wiser in this regard. Well written.

  11. That was a beautiful piece!
    Like many others earlier, I have to add - I love the title too!!!


  12. it's hopeful and dreamlike

  13. Dear Ramesh,
    Good Morning!
    It is the positive note I like in your posts!You have the will to get up from where u havehave fallen and u inspire others too to get up!:)
    The will power is great and the message is remarkable!
    Ramesh,keep writing!You are so talented!
    Wishing you a beautiful day ahead,

  14. A wonderful piece of poetry.My best wishes.

  15. If you hear Icarus laughing, then you know he's just a bit jealous of your wings and of your verse... you've found precisely what you were searching for, and that is no laughing matter.

  16. what a beautiful image of .."..cuddled in smooth hands of a happier future..."

  17. Amazing poetry...So positive!! Thanks so much for linking with Potluck xxx

  18. ...Only if I were Icarus
    And had a Daedalus to bestow me...

    ...if only...grand piece of writing...definitely enjoyed it.

  19. love the wisdom in your words.
    well done!

  20. Enjoyed reading it .. the wisdom and the words are good ... nicely done.

    जय दुर्गा जी, जय काली माँ
    Jai Durga ji, Jai Kali Ma
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  21. "wings of thoughts" that could not be messed with - the strength of belief and the knowledge. I loved this!

  22. There are so many lines to pull out and savor here. Well done ... a lift (no pun).

    P.S.: I love you smiling daisy on the blog roll. Nice.

    I am here, by the way, belatedly from potluck.

  23. I was ready to fly
    Flapping my wings
    of confidence.....

    such a powerful lines.....:)

  24. Wonderful caption that u hav given to your blog.Also,I find you quite active on Linkedin sharing your thoughts across the globe.