Friday, June 6, 2014

Blue Plays Hide & Seek.. Haiku

Rebecca's Haiku My Heart

Happy joyous clouds
getting ready for the fun;
blue plays hide and seek


Couldn't ignore Dear  friend Judith's comment
and have chosen to remove the 2nd 'stanza'...and rewrite it here..

blue plays hide and seek;
she spreads her wings to play with 
happy joyous clouds



  1. Will it rain or won't it? Love the playfulness in your words today!

  2. I adore your first stanza (if that's what's it called!) The joyousness absolutely shines through. The second stanza brought it down to earth and I wanted to stay in the sky!

  3. oh ramesh you are the bringer of all that is joyous. thank you for being such a beautiful soul.

  4. YES! Thank you for allowing me to keep soaring! You're the best.

    (how about "She spreads her light to play with joyous clouds"? - apologies Ramesh I can't resist giving my input - well, I CAN resist but I don't!)

  5. your enchanting haiku makes my spirit soar!

  6. Both are perfect for sky fun. Play. Hide. Embrace.

  7. The rewrite is so joyous and uplifting. A great way to begin my Monday.