Friday, July 13, 2012

Green Remains Thirsty..

Written for Rebecca's
Haiku My Heart....

Green Remains Thirsty..

Neither the sun shines
nor are falling any rains;
I go for my walk..

I go for my walk;
some raindrops fall on my face
surprising me, oh..

Surprising me, oh
nothing much happens really;
green remains thirsty..

Green remains thirsty;
I hear the thunder of clouds,
my music of hope..



  1. Is it the dry season where you live? I found myself straining to feel the wetness of rain as you walked.....

  2. may your music of hope fill the skies with the gift of rain!
    we have received such tender generosity here and the earth seems to be sighing for the kindness of it.
    the way i sigh with each visit to your beautiful haiku!

  3. I loved this "story". So much information in a few well chosen words.

  4. ...thunder of clouds my music of hope ~ magical line ~ lovely penned haiku ~ think the heat is getting to many people ~~ ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  5. I hope the sound of hope becomes the sound of splatters of fat rain - just the right amount the green needs!

  6. May the music of hope always be yours to sing, Ramesh!

    Battered Gate

  7. I want rain too, it s supposed to come tonight!

  8. Rain is indeed beautiful when it first lands after several months of dryness... you have captured the image beautifully :-)

  9. You really captured the weather in this part of the world too! Gonna rain; but doesn't :/