Sunday, July 8, 2012

It Will Rain Somewhere....

Written for One Single Impression

Prompt : Baloon
( Thanks Harshadji for the prompt..)

Red baloon;
blowing air with force
I turn blue..


As a curious child
I would look at Moon
and often think
It was a shining baloon

My eyes would wander
looking for a hanging thread
But then I grew-up
and learnt the truth instead..


I  draw smiles and smiles 
on a baloon and release it;
It will rain somewhere..



  1. Oh! last one is excellent, Superb.

    Sure, it will rain somewhere. In fact it is!

  2. Enjoyable - especially the middle one. Great rhyme.

  3. Brings memories, Ramesh. Nicely written.

    The main memory is of our daughter when she was a child of five or six. She had just gotten glasses to wear and we were walking in the evening. She looked up into the sky and saw the moon.
    She exclaimed, "Look Daddy, there really is a 'man in the moon. '"

  4. I love the imagery. The moon is a balloon. I love the unique and childlike eyes you write this from.

  5. Lovely set...The third one is so joyful....