Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beginning & Struggle

First for OSI Prompt : Beginning
Followed by Haiku Heights Prompt: Struggle


A loud exclamation
Followed by shouting screams,
Giggles and laughter
Expressing happiness and joy,
Punctuated with sudden sadness
It was all confused murmuring
None exactly knew, as
Elderly women came out of
The poorly lit space
Leaving the one lying
On a quilted bed
Having a mixed expression
With tears of happiness
As well as grief rolling
Down her cheeks together
Hand in hand, without distinction
And then quietly merging with
A cotton-filled old pillow
When there was a sudden
Burst of crackers
She knew-God had been kinder..
Outside the door
Stood a man in his fifties
Anxiously waiting if his prayers
Would be answered
And then with just one fleeting gesture
God appeared to have whispered
In his ears, “Congratulations!
I thought of gifting two
But taking one back home
For someone else needs him more.”

The man with folded hands
Prayed and recited ancient scriptures
Knocked on the door
Seeking permission
To enter the room
Where lied his soul mate
And wrapped in cotton
A part of their souls
Yes, he was breathing
And next to him another
Soul-less form, having lost
His breath to God’s wish
Man sat next to the woman
Holding her hands
Both of them together
Laughed, cried and then laughed again
And then arrived two girls
Dancing, cuddling, laughing
They were happy with the one
A little baby toy
To play with, devoid
Of the feeling of the loss of other..
No, I couldn’t see all this
Because my eyes were tightly shut
I narrated from what I later heard
Yet I knew I was at a new place
It appeared a little less dark
A bit insecure & unsafe,
Too much clamor & noise
I remembered having someone
Next to me for long in my cocoon

But now, I felt alone
I got scared, fear gripped me
So I did what I could have done
Under the unique circumstances
I cried out loud,
That was the beginning of my life
Despite everyone losing hope
I had survived to live my share
On this beautiful planet
Yes, I missed my twin,
Observing others
So many of them
Like Joy & Pain,
Sun & Shade
Happiness & Sadness,
Success & Failure
Highs & Lows, oh,
They always stayed around
In this journey of life
I have often wondered,
Had God gifted him too
Would I then be the same,
Or I would be someone else
If it were to be a contrast
Oh, I shudder to think…
Lo! Look at God smiling
He always does,
Whenever I write
About a portion of life
Which I would be convinced
Had been designed by him…

Haiku Heights: Struggle

Twins born to win
One reached on arrival
Won without struggle


Mind struggles
To read long poems
Haiku delights

But then Heart commands while writing..A big thank you for reaching here, I can imagine the struggle..


  1. I struggle to write long poems--which is why scribbling haiku is so soothing to me!

    My Haiku Heights

  2. How can a mind struggle to read a story as beautiful as this. Heartfelt and heartbreaking at the same time. Less can be more, but this was just right. Good morning from Ohio. Rob.

    p.s. And yes, I was sooo anixous about the OSI prompt, I posted a day early. Caught me! :o

  3. A story well narrated.

    Haiku is excellent. Love it.

  4. A beautiful, heartfelt narration.

  5. very touching narration here Ramesh ji.. its not a struggle to read when the flow is smooth :)

    and yes, the haikus are excellent :D

  6. Wonderful material posted! Excellent take on the prompt!


  7. This is a very beautiful poem on beginning...:)

    The joys, the pains, sorrows, sunrise, sunset!

    Success, failures!!! One can really relate to your words!!!

    And yes, you're becoming a haiku connoisseur! Keep up!

  8. Isn't it amazing? Each response is so different! Nice story, I could see it all.

  9. Beautifully written. From the heart, that's for sure. Nice work with a wonderful prompt.

  10. Haiku's are like instant connect..
    Beginning was like keep the journey going..

  11. Great job, I love the flow of the story :D and the haiku is great ;D

  12. What a story!! Well written- and your haikus are awesome- you did a really great job on them. I especially like the 1st haiku and the line "won without struggle"- and the ways to interpret that line.

  13. I thank all of you to have always encouraged me with your comments.. Let us continue to share..and enjoy. Here's wishing you happiness..

  14. Liked very much your way of writing.

    Smiles :)

  15. Lovely ! Its such a beautiful poem that I am right now searching for words to type down here ...
    "And wrapped in cotton
    A part of their souls"
    I loved the 2 line so much ..

    And the haikus are wonderful ! Even I have stepped into the world of Haikus just sometime back ,and finding it quite fun :) Its refreshing to see your different take on prompts ! :)

  16. I never usually have the patience to read long poems... but once i started, i just dint kno when it was over... It's such a beautiful and touching story Ramesh ji! The tricks and treats of nature is something we will never truly understand i guess!

  17. A heartfelt and moving piece ~

  18. Wow!....Very touching and beautiful poem....I didn't find it very long..Read within few minutes....beautifully expressed....! and I am sure God is smiling reading this one!

  19. Felt like reading short Haiku, read in one breath, Rameshji. It's unbelievable and can't be imagined or can't be understood. I could read only. Especially the pain at the time of birth, losing the's so rare. I wonder how you wrote, but then felt, I don't wonder because only a heart who has pain can write......