Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Don't You Find the Tinge Tasty..

Written for 3WW... Prompts: Thin , Grace, Jitter..

Throwing heavy words
At drop of the hat
Ah, how often I would
Make you jittery
But then isn't it happening
With lesser frequency
Now that I have learnt
Saying all that I want to
By cutting my thoughts
In some thin slices
Well, it helps, you see
I  save energy
By telling in few words
And you generate it 
By receiving them
With so much grace
I receive the energy too
When you call them Haikus....

I do it here ..all the above thoughts sliced  in to thin pieces..

Jittery thoughts these
I slice them all thin; don't you
Find the tinge tasty..

By:  RS  : )


  1. Sometimes 'cutting your thoughts into small slices' is the only way to swallow them..Jae ;)

  2. A good way to do thoughts. Excellent as always.

  3. Yes sir; thin, sharp, accurate, effective :)

    Packets of energy, elixir or life.

    And yes the tinge is really tasty, leaves a sharp taste, leaves one wanting for more.


  4. Beautiful, Ramesh. You certainly know how to make the point effectively.

  5. "cutting my thoughts", this is a great line, enjoyed this revelation.

  6. Yes, it's always best to keep it simple.