Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday Haiku My Heart...

It's Friday, here are my  Haikus for Rebecca's.... Haiku My Heart..

My darker shadow
Scares me, how I wish to
Become transparent....


Oh, famished  me
I see a round piece of loaf
Shine in the night skies..

Now a bit of joy and happiness....

A puff of  steam rises
Carrying  aroma of hot tea
Happy morning breaths...

RS   :)


  1. Beautiful ....darkness of the soul is the only darkness to be truly feared...
    The veiled allusion to the moon was exquisite.

  2. good morning ramesh,
    so glad you are here with your word smiting gifts.

  3. A lovely balance of darkness and light. Oh to achieve that everyday ! ;)
    Happy Friday !

  4. I enjoyed reading your variety today...most likely we can all relate to the shadow within...and to the happiness of that "puff of steam" from our morning's delight. Beautiful!

  5. loved all three, esp the last one. :)

  6. Since I'm a chai and tea girl, the last one warmed my heart!

  7. If you were transparent, you wouldn't have a shadow! :-)

  8. I just love how each week you give us a little series of haikus--and they always speak to my heart.

  9. I love the idea of transparency leaving no shadow.

  10. Transparency scares
    happy to see my shadow
    though not the real me!

    Happy weekend Ramesh,

    Sue x

  11. Oh, how I like your illusion to the moon in your second haiku...And finally the hot tea beckons! Thank you for your visit and kind words! Cathy

  12. As always I enjoy my visits here Ramesh. Thought provoking.susedi

  13. Hi Ramesh~ Those dark hours before dawn sometimes bring the most angst and fear. Even a hallunication such as a piece of bread in the sky. Then morning comes and brings us back to "earth" and the happy, familiar pattern of daily life. Great progression, great haiku!

  14. beautiful Rameshji..

    Someone is Special

  15. The first one is like listening to a beautified, perfected echo...

    For the second one... I would say... that particular loaf..makes me forget all the laden tables on earth and go to a place where there would be only that one round loaf

    The third one is warm, comforting, reminds me of chilly rainy mornings, enlivening.

    Thank you so much sir