Friday, May 27, 2011

Miracles Happen.... for Haiku My Heart..

Dear Friends..

It's Friday.....the day a Happy Haiku should float through my thoughts spontaneously for Rebecca's 'Haiku My Heart...' but then God made me put through the following poem to pray for the health of my elder sister who is hospitalised for last five weeks now...join me...May she get well soon... and be back home...

Miracles Happen..

Pray for her dear Moon
You are nearer God, hey, my
Sister needs them all

Medicine along with
Prayers may heal, make a team
God and Doctor, please

Miracles happen
Let just one more miracle
Happen around us

She is strong, she will
Receive the energy and
Soon sit up straight

Pray for her dear Moon
May all the stars too join you
My friends join me here…

Thanks !!!!!!! Yes, miracle will happen..


  1. dear ramesh,

    i am so touched with your outpouring of love and support for your sister. thank you for asking us to all join you in this great force of love for your sister.

    may she feel the enormity of every ones care and highest hopes for her return to radiant health.

    you are such a kind and gentle soul. thank you for including us in your goodness.

  2. Thanks Rebecca..for you kind words.. I am deeply touched..and my fingers are crossed..

  3. oh, i pray your dear sister may soon be restored to complete health...

  4. I'm sending good and strong vibes her way Ramesh! I wish you all love and strength.

  5. Blessings and love to your sister and to your tender, caring heart.

  6. YES, a miracle will happen. Sending her love and healing light.

  7. I am praying for a miracle with you. Lovely, touching haikus. Thank you.

  8. My prayers are with you and your sister. I have no doubt in the power of prayer to comfort and heal. Thank you for your lovely poem.It is one anyone with an ill family member would resonate with.

  9. Ramesh, your haikus are prayers for your sister--but for all of us. It touches me that you have such love and respect for her. Miracles do happen!

  10. I'm late in responding to haiku Ramesh, but I want to say I'm sorry to hear you have this concern right now. It helps to know you have many caring friends here who haiku from the heart. I'm keeping you and yours in my thoughts and as Annie said 'every thought is a prayer'.

    Love Sue x

  11. My friend, I send prayers, for all the family and your sister. I send good positive energy your way. We will pray as one.


  12. Dear All,

    I am touched.. so many kind hearts.. yes, we need your good wishes and prayers..

    A BIG THANK YOU...!!!!

    RS :)

  13. Touch wood ... God bless the love...

    Miracles do happen... and will keep happening sir, when a true heart prays an innocent prayer.

    What is a miracle for us may be no more than batting of an Eyelid for Him... it should not be a big trouble for Him :). I join in your prayer sir that sits up healed and happy... and sees what a brother she has been blessed with...

    May God bless Her with good health, and YOU with her smile

  14. Dear Ramesh~ I am praying for your sister, too. Your positive energy has a healing affect, and I know you have a special connection with the moon.

    Your expression of gratitude also brings love, strength, and healing to you and your sister.

    Blessings, Ramesh.

  15. Dearest Ramesh,
    May the Compassionate One who lives and breathes in all of our hearts lift your sister up, surround her with Warmth, Light, Comfort and Healing Love. May she be aware of all who await her return to good health so that she knows the significance of her presence in the world. We hold her in our hearts and offer her the strength of our energy so that hers may return.
    Blessings to you and your family.
    Namaskar my friend,

  16. You can count on me too. I am praying. :) E

  17. Yes indeed. Your friends are here. Nothing to worry about. The Moon, the Stars, the Gods, along with the strength of Human will shall protect your sister.

    Best regards and wishes for your sister, sir.


  18. I wish your sister the best, what a beautiful prayer you have written for her

  19. sweet one.

    keep praying, bless all.

  20. Indeed a beautiful prayer. Add my own. ~MsQ

  21. dear ramesh,

    my thoughts and prayers are with you both. you are deeply missed my friend. i hope all is well.