Saturday, May 7, 2011

An Expression of Love - for OSI..

Written for One Single Impression Prompt: Love  followed by
Haiku Heights prompt : Poison

An Expression of Love....

When I was small …

A stray wounded Puppy
Was being tended by a little boy
On the corner of a street
Watching them, I was told
That was love…

An old man dejected &neglected
Sat on a bench in the park, crying
His grandson jumped into his lap
And quietly wiped his tears
I could understand that was love

One day, went out to play
Got very late
Annoyed and a worried Mom
Held me from my collar & slapped
In her eyes, I saw love..

Then I grew up....

Two youngsters
Sitting on a bike holding each other
Sped away to a lonely place
I wondered and someone clarified
They were in love..

A married couple came home tired
Slumped in chairs, argued, debated
And then agreed to go out
For a nice dinner to a fast food joint
That was expression of love

Oh, she wasn’t well
Little son of hers cleaned the house
Daughter cooked with her little hands
And husband? He obliged by accepting
Acceptance was also a face of love..

But then for me, when now I realise

Love is a feeling
Much more than
Its expressions scattered around
A mere thought of the beloved
Makes the space around vibrant
And the presence
Makes the world vanish…


Haiku for Haiku Heights prompt Poison...and OSI... 

It kills slowly when
Love turns in to obsession
A sweet poison, that..

ByRS  : )


  1. Sharp Haiku... lovely... and well about the colours of love.... so many and all lovely...

    Getting battered, bled empty, still crawling to use the last bullet for the earth that gives us our last abode... love


  2. Well, you handled that "poison" prompt quite deftly. I'm not sure I'll be able to do the same, since my mind doesn't seem to move in poisonous paths!

  3. Oh my, Ramesh, you captured the many faces of love so succinctly...and still there are many more.
    Beautiful write, my friend.

    Your Haiku is spot on too.

  4. Beautiful to read...I'll be back..

  5. Co-incidence! Even, i used d same 'Sweet poison' .. :) well.. datz a nice haiku :)

  6. Love in all its forms there. Excellently done.

  7. the importance of awareness...well said!!


  9. You did very well on this prompt (Poison) and I would only desire to be as good. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Different flavours of Love,each with a beauty of its own,described so well.
    Wonderfully done Rameshji.

  11. Very good - I like your expression of love poem very much, and the last line sums it all up.

  12. The love you describe is sweet and beautiful. So well done. Thank you.

  13. Haiku was brilliant, Ramesh, and the first poem was touching as well.

  14. The love that shows. Very nice, Ramesh. Without the showing of love it won't be real, either a dream or an attraction.

  15. Love has many colors, may forms and sometimes visits in disguise. Very well said.

    I loves your Haiku. It makes a point.

  16. The many faces of love, nice work Ramesh.

  17. loving is caring,
    loving is sharing,
    loving is showing.

    beautiful expression on love,
    you rock.

  18. I just love your poetry Ramesh. You say everything with such feeling and so much truth.

  19. fantastic wrk, everythng fr me was well known bt the way u presented..astounding..kudos man

  20. I really liked both poems- the haiku- right on and so very true. I enjoyed reading the longer poem and all the different signs of love- you captured them well!

  21. You set that up very nicely ... sharp!! :-)

  22. I'm intrigued by the view that you take on arguably the most important thing in life.

    All the best, Boonie

  23. Fantastic, and so true on the haiku! Well done!