Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Never Know, When...

Written for Rebecca's Haiku My Heart....

Hope shines in his eyes
And palm seeks a coin, I give, 
He gifts  a big smile..


Layers of dust shine
On his face, winds of good luck
Just round the corner


Sparkle in his eyes,
Open palm seeks not a coin
Shaking hands, we smile..



Let Moon hide behind
Clouds, I will come out each night
You never know, when..

By: RS : )


  1. Beautiful, I see your heart in these words. :)

  2. That's wonderful, Ramesh ji. You always evoke delicate human emotions through your poetry. :-)

  3. I love them all, but that first one, with the gift of the smile, makes me feel warm and satisfied, just as if I received that very same gift.
    Equally, the sparkle in the eyes, makes a friendly face happy to see another, another gift, given and received.
    Beautiful as always my friend.


  4. four fabulous haikus ramesh, cant select one as best. they are so soft and full of kindness.

  5. The gift of a smile
    if given to everyone
    would bring peace to earth

  6. Today, # 2 wins my heart. It's so full of hope. And I love Gemma's comment.

  7. beautiful. and so vivid. I can see his smile and eyes.

  8. Wonderful! I love the open hand seeking a handshake sentiment...human contact.

  9. I love how you tell this story in three haiku. It gives me more time to absorb the lovingkindness in my heart.
    And the little tease to the moon! Sweet!

  10. I can see the whole scene playing in my mind, complete with facial expressions and head nods and gestures when I read your haiku. There is a message there which I find touching.

  11. Such lovely pictures painted with a few carefully chosen words. Thank you, Ramesh.

  12. It is beautiful.... I was about to quote the best lines... couldn't decide on any single one.... it really touches and does not stop there... it seeps within. It has the scent of earth... like the one we may trace in the layers of dust on his face

    Congratulations sir on this beautiful piece...

    And yes the second one was engaging... stylish


    P.S Sir, I have re posted an old article of mine. Would wait for your feedback :)

  13. your kindness arrives in each.
    and for this inner sensitivity i thank you with a fuller heart for my visit here.

  14. Ramesh~
    This is a story of trust, built over a short period of time, mixed with a journey of human suffering alleviated by human contact and compassion. You offered a coin ~ expected and a smile is returned, but to offer your hand is something entirely different isn't it? The winds causing his face to shine show the passing of time and his long journey out of doors against the elements. He finds luck around the corner and hope in a connection with another person ~you. How lucky can one person be. And we are all blessed as well with a final haiku about the moon. Thank you.

  15. Waiting on the moon as it moves from behind the clouds is a magical, experience lifting the heart, as does your haiku of words.

    Very moving,
    Sue x