Friday, April 1, 2011

See, I Made You Smile..

Written for Haiku My Heart..

See I Made You Smile..

Old man makes a face
Little baby giggles, hey,
See, I made you smile

Keep smiling, read on
Now baby makes a face and
Child in old giggles

I sit and watch them
In the blankness of white wall
Dad's gone, I am grey

Yes, it's first April
Yet one more year gone, thank God
I didn't grow up..


  1. The first link doesn't work, Ramesh. But yes, with this you made me smile.

  2. This did make me smile. Very wide, actually ! Enjoy your sweet special day !

  3. 'Child' inside everyone needs to be taken care of, lest he loses his innocence while growing up.
    Lovely Haikus. :-)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. so tender...this progression of life.
    this seeing the faces of love. could be any culture, any time...
    the smile of a father to his child.
    the passage of time and cherishing of love.
    the willingness to keep our innocence alive!

    beautiful ramesh thank you for gracing my heart.

  5. This was nice, Ramesh. Thanks.

  6. Very charming, Ramesh, and at the the same time poignant. For just a moment, the narrator feels regret, loss, but then he bounces back, "Thank God I didn't grow up!" We can't have those times anymore, maybe, but we can have these times! Thank you for the message!

  7. children and pets can always make us laugh.

    i love the company of small children, esp below five- they are so pure and loving :) and of course very funny.


  8. Childlike innocence,
    becomingly beautiful,
    grow younger each day!

  9. It is beautiful Ramesh. This makes me think of Wordsworth line, The child is father of the man. Beautiful haikus about the delight one takes in childish things and playfulness.