Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Dip in Holy Waters

Written for One Single Impression 

Prompt : River
( suggested by me )

A Dip in Holy Waters

Immersion of Dad’s
Ashes; my only contact
With river ’Ganges’..

A dip in holy
Waters; cleansing of the soul
Yes, I had felt good

Ah, a revered way
To get rid of sins, but would
Soul stay clean forever

To keep my soul clean
Always, I would have to know
My soul very well

A very first step
To know my soul well, would be
To know, I have one..

My memory of
A dip in Holy River
Makes me face the truth..

 RS :)
I am sure the prompt has made your thoughts flow from
your heart ... and you have enjoyed thinking..


  1. Yes cleansing is a continuous process. So well put.

    Thanks for the PROMPT.

  2. Ah, Ramesh,
    It's my belief is that all souls are pure, without sin and that
    rituals are important to honor souls and soothe our human feelings.
    The Holy Waters of the Ganges have flowed with human reverence since time began, truly waters your Dad's soul knows.
    Lovely lovely haiku

  3. A very fluid account of a personal event. I liked this a lot.

  4. it seems like that dip would make you face more than the truth, but also a spiritual reality of some sort.

    thanks for suggesting this prompt

    my contribution

  5. We all must repeat this cleansing daily. It's the only way home. Nicely said.


  6. Lovely - I especially like the first stanza. And thanks for the prompt!

  7. Ramesh, very wise and perceptive

  8. What a spiritual and deep poem. Thank you for the inspiring word this week at O.S.I.

  9. Touching words and lines...

    Immersion of Dad’s
    Ashes; my only contact
    With river ’Ganges’..

    suddenly i missed my Dad...but I know his soul in happy in God's bosom...

    no cleansing can take away our sins, it is only when we asked God for forgiveness that we are cleansed from all unrighteousness..

    thanks for this prompt RS...sadly I just shared an old happy song which is my fave way back in my girl scouts days in high school...i just love the lyrics of it

  10. Thank you RS for the lovely word prompt!! It flowed well!!

    River Ganga has been a symbol of India's age-long culture and civilization, ever-changing, ever-flowing, and ever pure and purifying!!

    The swiftly moving Ganga, symbolically washes the bather, to purify and takes away the sins of a lifetime.

    The Ganga is the embodiment of sacredness!!

    Beautiful thoughts in your Haiku today!!

  11. Good job, a beautiful and momentous poem.

  12. Spiritual and very deep poem. Enjoyed it very much :)

  13. an incredible trip to the river. Thank you, friend.

  14. the realization of one's existence can only be beautiful... especially so after a father's passing... part of him a part of you....

  15. The beauty of a poignant moment...a questioning of the soul...beautiful work

  16. this is very interesting and how one soul can be pure. I wish all souls were pure and good of heart I wish for this so much. This is excellent and really got me thinking about a lot of different things.