Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Let My Imagination Release a Paper Boat..

For 3WW.. Pierce, Dose, Appear.. 

I Let My Imagination Release a Paper Boat..

My thoughts pull a cloud
And piercing through the space
Take it to the Moon
Yes, Moon too deserves
To enjoy a dose of rain
One cloud, some raindrops
And just one thought 
Helps me see a much 
Happier Moon
Cherishing that small piece
Of lucky land, that's
Hosting a puddle of water
With raindrops dancing
On their own reflection
And I let my imagination
Release a paper boat too
With a little flag fluttering
Having an imprint
Of 3WW and its logo
Being the sponsors of this
Enchanting space odessey
It all appears so very happy
And absolutely beautiful
Let anyone see, I am sure
Your eyes are also
Reflecting this lovely scene..

By  RS  : ) 

finally I think I succeeded in making you smile with me... may the happiness stay ..and get enhanced.. thankyou for the visit..



  1. You are delightful and loved your little paper boat story!! Fabulous a standing ovation RS!!

  2. A little paper boat can carry many big thoughts..I wonder if moon is a heavy weight inside sometimes..that it needs coaxing out to play..Jae

  3. That was delightful I could picture it all.

  4. There is no limit to how far our imagination can take us on its journey is there. This is a delightful read.

  5. very few write the way you do, to bring a smile to your readers. Keep up the good work, Rameshji..:D

  6. Ramesh, you always make me smile. I love visiting your blog, in part because of this quality, your writing as well as your picture. And how thoughtful of you to let the moon have a cloud! Peace, Amy
    My 3WW post is much too dark, so I'll give you a glimpse of my view of America instead!