Monday, August 29, 2011

A Kiss With Their Destiny..

My second spontaneously created contribution for OSI : Wheat.. and also sharing with The Gooseberry Garden... it just happened so thought of sharing...

A Kiss With Their Destiny..

I see grains of wheat
Getting crushed in the machine
Transforming into
White smooth flour
Essential to make
‘Rotis’, which when puffed up
On flames of fire,
Become my food..

Isn’t there a lesson here
Sometimes it becomes
Essential to get crushed
By the time and circumstances
To evolve and find
The true meaning of
One’s existence... to
Be able to give and serve..

As the thought hits
Unaware I pick up
A few Grains of wheat
In my hand, and lo,
How they plead to
Let them join with others
To have their first and last crush
A kiss with their destiny
I release them
Awaiting their transformation
And perhaps mine too..

RS : )


  1. I think your words are true. Very nicely written, and thought provoking.

    My weekly poem:

  2. lovely thinking.

    at times, reactions lead to drama/changes.

    part of life, well done.

  3. transformation...that is the word...!!

  4. My kind of poem that. It ticks all the boxes, and best of all it ends on an air of mystery - or magic.

  5. Nice write my friend. Good use of imagery and words. It has a nice flow.