Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Navigating My Inner Space..

Written for 3WW...

Navigating My Inner Space..

In moments strange
soul demands a
a little chat
with my 'self'
oh, navigating my innerspace
to reach her
brings crinkles on my heart
mind doesn't bother
as it doesn't belong
to anything internal
for that matter..



  1. We should all explore that part of ourselves a little more.

  2. Crinkles on your heart is an ingriging use of the word.

    Please read my attempt.

  3. There is something ethereal about our mind not belonging to anything internal or was that just yours?

  4. Ramesh, I'm doing a 4 week creative expression group on The HEart of Spirituality. If time permits I will use this poem as an inspiration for the participants to so a painting.

  5. Mind not belonging "to anything internal" is curious... I enjoyed your poem a lot!


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