Saturday, September 10, 2011

When Rainbows Surrounded My Life..

The Height of Haiku Challenge Day 11....  Any Topic..

Black and white photos
Of a childhood, when rainbows
Surrounded my life..

 RS : )


  1. The stark beauty of black and white can not portray the colors of the rainbow...great haiku

  2. This one's awesome--that feeling of nostalgia but tinged with the regret that even while thinking of those wonderful moments you can't relive them. Well done!

  3. Good one RS!! I can relate to that very well!! :) My childhood memories are in Black and white, and were such happy days!!

  4. A great haiku.
    So many thought portrayed in so few words.
    Those old photos missed so much, thank goodness our memories are in colour.

  5. I still see those B&Ws of mom and dad.. They are filled with their memories :)