Sunday, March 31, 2013

His Quieter Ascent ..

Day 01 - Ascent

His Quieter Ascent..

His quieter ascent
vindicates my silent slide;
I find my lost feet

I find my lost feet;
where I had left them alone;
false wings fascinate



Fire Gives Light

Written today for my own prompt: Curtains
had forgotten to write and hence a bit late to post
Just like always a spontaneous flow of thougths here..
A chain in 3-5-3 haiku format..
Fire Gives Light
No curtains
on any window;
she looks out
she looks out;
sun and air enter
starts another day;
she feels good
She feels good
mind falters again;
doubts arise
doubts arise;
she draws curtains of
hangs on mind's window;
she is sad
She is sad; 
standing in window
she looks out
she looks out;
light does not reach her
inner space
Inner space;
burns curtains of doubt,
fire gives light
Fire gives light;
a smiling moon waves,
she smiles back

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hope Flowers..

Haiku My Heart
An attempt with 5-3-5 haiku chain
in line with the spirit of the day.....
Hope Flowers..
Quieter tears;
face hides stories of
inner pain
Inner pain
makes the heart stronger;
eyes are calm
Eyes are calm;
sadness alone plays
hide and seek
Hide and seek;
broken mirror says
none hides here
None hides here
in vacant spaces;
hope flowers
Hope flowers
on the dry surface;
quieter tears

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Mother's Resolve..

Written for Rebecca's

Haiku My Heart : Friday

And for Leo's
Haiku Heights : Saturday

and for
Sandy and Andree's
One Single Impression -Sunday


A Mother's Resolve..
Ah, fortitude;
she goes through all the troubles
unscathed, strong
Unscathed, strong;
testing moments deter not
a mother's resolve
A mother's resolve
to give her best to children;
ah, fortitude



Sun shines bright
on top of my head;
shadow shrinks

Shadow shrinks
just under my feet;
I look down

I look down
and lo, my shadow
too looks back


Friday, March 15, 2013

Joy Blooms Happiness...

Written for Rebecca's
Haiku My Heart : Friday
And for Leo's
Haiku Heights : Cacophony
and for
Sandy and Andree's
One Single Impression -Sunday
Joy Blooms Happiness
Her clandestine moves
create cacophony in mind;
I pluck many doubts

I pluck many doubts,
yet some are blooming quietly;
she is transparent

She is transparent,
cacophony melts away;
I hear her heart beat

I hear her heart beat
making doubts wither away;
I sow seeds of joy

I sow seeds of joy
fertile mind responds well,
joy blooms happiness..
And it is always possible...Yes..

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Dare Dream Stealers..

Written for
Careful, Hug, Mistake
A Haiku
She hugs my dreams tight,
careful, no mistake there;
I dare dream stealers  


I dare dream stealers
to cross over their doubts;
She hugs my dreams tight

She hugs my dreams tight
and then folds them pretty neat;
winged birds, fly not
Shared with Haiku My Heart & Haiku Heights

Friday, March 8, 2013

'Birds' Soar in My Words..

Written for Rebecca's
Haiku My Heart : Friday

And for Leo's
Haiku Heights

and for One Single Impression


'Birds' Soar in My Words..
I hear them sing songs
of so many bright colours;
origami birds

Origami birds
rest quietly on wooden shelf;
she is an artist

She is an artist,
gives life and wings to paper;
'birds’ soar in my words

'birds’ soar in my words,
cuckoo, linnet and sparrow;
You see them all there

You see them all there
in the vast sky of your mind;
 words become love birds..

Words become love birds;
haiku spill around all as
I hear them sing songs…


Specailly created for One Single Impression

A Golden Cage Hangs

I hear birds sing songs
and cross over to peep in;
a golden cage hangs

A golden cage hangs
in an airy balcony;
 trees sway with the wind

Trees sway with the wind,
those residing there are quiet;
helpless I move on..