Sunday, December 29, 2013

His Bites of Roti.. ..Haiku

Prompt: Expectation

Pigeon gently lands
on her kitchen's window sill;
his bites of "roti"

and sometimes:

darkness descends and
she looks at her window sill;
dried bits of "roti " 

Pigeon expects her to offer "Roti" and 
she expects him to come and eat...yet:

Pigeon gently lands,
doesn't find his bites of roti;
window is closed

Another morning;
fluttering of pigeon's wings,
music to her ears


"Roti" is a Hindi word for kind of Indian Bread..

Friday, December 27, 2013

Morning's Miracle..

Rebecca's Haiku My Heart

She opens the door
and lo, sun walks in her room ;
morning's miracle

Morning's miracle;
soft sunbeams make her sing
as cuckoo too joins ..


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I see a candle getting lit..

Exquisite, Magnificent, Crisp

I  See a Candle Getting Lit..

None can take away
the joyous vibrations and 
the elation one experiences 
while saying or hearing 
delicious words like
"Magnificently beautiful, 
Exquisitely fabulous,
Splendidly glittering
Marvelously glowing...'s superb.."
Doesn't matter if winter 
descends on some hearts
Yet compliments make 
Ice too  feel the warmth
Ah, I  see a candle getting lit..


Her crisp compliment
leaves a magnificent taste;
exquisite timing


Sunday, December 22, 2013

No Return Gifts.. Haiku

Prompt : GIFTS

 Her morning gifts;
my cup of hot tea and 
 a sunrise smile


No return gifts;
I can only accept all  
with humility

How can anyone  match such gifts of great value with anything !!! Can you?


Friday, December 20, 2013

Gift of Winter - Haiku

Written for 

Haiku My Heart


Leo's Haiku Heights


a happy cascade of Haiku

Ah, wary earth
moves  away from Sun;
she is real cold


She is real cold;
sun tries to warm her with the 
gift of winter  


Gift of winter;
Christmas time glitters with a 
star studded sky


Star studded sky;
smiles, joy, dance, songs , Santa and
a happy earth


A happy earth;
sunbeams carry blessings from
heavenly Gods


Heavenly Gods
descend on earth to celebrate;
drops of hope rain


Drops of hope rain;
she gathers them in her palms
and says, "Thank you!!!"

RS :)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Isn't It Time for New Resolutions....3WW

Combative, adjective: Ready or eager to fight; pugnacious.

Represent, verb: Be entitled or appointed to act or speak for (someone), esp. in an official capacity; of a competitor) participate in a sports event or other competition on behalf of (one's club, town, region, or country; be an elected member of a legislature for (a particular constituency, party, or group); constitute; amount to; depict (a particular subject) in a picture or other work of art.

Sluggish, adjective: Slow-moving or inactive; lacking energy or alertness; slow to respond or make progress. 

Isn't It Time for New Resolutions....

Whenever my heart
wants me to represent
myself through it 
my mind turns combative 
and invites unwanted thoughts
turning my mood sluggish
I often wonder
why should it not 
let me "be" my 'heart'
Why do I have to be 
only my 'mind'
Just like any other combative
interference I  find
my dreams getting killed..
This war between
my heart and mind is often
silently witnessed by my soul
Spurred by its silence
sometimes, oh, sometimes
I do succeed in 
snubbing my mind 
and let my heart come
to the fore to represent me
and those days are never 
heavy or sluggish
They bring speed and joy
which I really cherish...
I know that I will have 
to be stronger
than my mind and heart
to support my soul
Well, then I ask you
isn't it time for new resolutions...


Combative hare
and the sluggish tortoise;
life represented



Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dew on Grass.... Haiku

Prompt: DEW

She covers
herself with woolens;
dew on grass

dew on grass;
her barefooted
morning walk

Morning walk;
sunbeams quietly steal
pearls of dew

pearls of dew
shine on petals of rose;
ah, night bath

( Inspired by what Leo wrote)


  Dew on windscreen;
I scribble your name
with my finger

hope you can read it.. 


Friday, December 13, 2013

White Half Moon - Haiku..

Written for Rebecca's

Haiku My Heart..

White half Moon
in a clear blue sky;
warm winter


Warm winter;
she finds it cool to
have ice cream..


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nothing Extra-ordinary About It - 3WW

Written for 3WW

Highlight, Submit, Instruct

First, a Haiku

Sunlight highlights shades
as a mark of submission;
nature instructs

Nothing Extra-Ordinary About It

God's one line instruction
for me had been simple:
" Highlight all that is
good in others;
Don't submit to
Your own temptations.."

And I did what
All the ordinaries do
I highlighted
My own perceived strengths
And started submitting
to my own temptations

Then one day as I stood
In front of the mirror
I couldn't recognise myself
That's when the false layers
Got pealed one by one
And I realised my follies..

I started highlighting
All that was good in others
And never submitted
to any temptations
I was able to clearly
recall God's instructions

You want to know
How did I do that?
Well, I just blocked
all the external noise
And that's when God spoke
loud and clear once again

Well, I heard him this time
Realised, understood,
Made a clear choice and
The shift happened spontaneously
Had I taken time to decide
I would have remained ordinary

As you see my decision
To hear God just for
One more time carefully
Changed things for me
And you can see now I am

Ha, nothing extra-ordinary
About know..



Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rivulet - Haiku

Written for Haiku Heights


Water spills from glass;
she draws a rivulet
with her finger tip..


Friday, December 6, 2013

Joy Smiloman.... A Tribute through Haiku..

JOY SMILOMAN...a tribute to a kind heart..

As I write this, He
stands next to me smiling;

soul spreads his light in our hearts;
I hear wings flutter

I hear wings flutter
and there he goes beyond clouds;
Joe Spadoman, Man

Joe Spadoman, Man,
will your comments glow here now;
happy illusion

Happy illusion
he stands next to me smiling;
Ah, I could write this..

May you be as happy as ever in your new abode...In fact you must have become "JOY" from Joe...and Spadoman must be now "Smiloman"..

Amen!!!! JOY SMILOMAN...

God bless....A huge thank you to my eyes well..and .


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

And A Pause Helps.... 3WW

Written for

Three Words Wednesday
Brief, Insist, Expose..

And A 'Pause' Helps..

A brief hint of
gleam in his eyes
Exposed what he had been
Hiding for a long time

She noticed, smiled
and let that moment
quietly pass by
Without insisting to know

He too understood
And a relationship faded
before it could start
Another became stronger

That's what happens
In those flickering moments
When life throws tests
And a 'pause' helps


Monday, December 2, 2013

Rainbow Haiku: Newly Weds

Written for Leo's Haiku Heights..

Prompt : Rainbow..

Shared with Rebecca's Haiku My Heart

A pair of Haiku written for the newly weds: My Son and my daughter in law ..

Gratitude spills
from each smile of newly weds:
rainbow of dreams


Rainbow of dreams
splashes colours of joy;
journey begins..


And here's my most viewed haiku with rainbow as the theme
..More than 600 page views...I would like to think they were invited for my Son's Marriage..

Happy Earth invites;
sliding down a rainbow
joyous stars arrive..