Wednesday, December 4, 2013

And A Pause Helps.... 3WW

Written for

Three Words Wednesday
Brief, Insist, Expose..

And A 'Pause' Helps..

A brief hint of
gleam in his eyes
Exposed what he had been
Hiding for a long time

She noticed, smiled
and let that moment
quietly pass by
Without insisting to know

He too understood
And a relationship faded
before it could start
Another became stronger

That's what happens
In those flickering moments
When life throws tests
And a 'pause' helps



  1. An insightful subtle commentary on human relationships. Flickering
    moments when life throws tests. Lovely line. We are always being tested and we never know which way it will go. Nice furtive mysterious mood about this. Seamless use of the words. Well done

    1. Thanks a lot!! I shall savour the lovely tone and feelings of this comment in my heart forever..


  2. Ditto Rallentanda. Those worrying little 'micro glimpses' of hidden emotion speak volumes.

  3. This as you can guess is a game an old men can play. The glimpse, the signal recognised, then common sense kicks in, and the flicker of romance fades, but both are enriched for a millisecond.