Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You Are Anyway Persuasive....

Written for 3WW : Loud, Persuasive,Riches

a HAIKU....

Bestowed by riches

Don’t be loud, you are anyway

Persuasive, yes!

by: RS

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shining Canvas of My Future Life

Written for One Shoot Sunday: A Poetry Challenge

Hey, who has spread this
Shining canvas of my future life
Weaved with glowing thread of sunbeams
Coated with crushed diamonds
I also see waves of watery dreams
Creating delightful patterns
Someone roll it up, please
And put it in some invisible corner

I am yet to reach there..

By : RS

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Decorative Pillars Attract Most...

Decorative pillars attract most

It was right in the middle
Good pastel colours
Surrounded by artifacts
The moment one entered the foyer
That’s what would catch the eye..
Area around too was
Neat and tidy
Yes, the pillar stood erect
Strong with untouched pride
I too was standing
Frail and a bit rusty
With my touching pride
Needed support to
Stay a bit longer
What could be a better place
Before anyone around noticed
I went and rested my back with
This solid attraction
And lo! It moved
I almost fell
Oh, it had been hollow inside
But then it didn’t surprise me
It was a pillar, an unanimated
Structure, I had met
So many human beings
Similar to this
Solid when you look at
Hollow when you need support
But then don’t these
Decorative pillars attract most
And the load bearing serve silently..


Sun says, “I give light,”
Yet so much dark inside one
A hollow claim that!!

Written for OSI: Hollow... thanks to Leo nee Vinay for the prompt..

His & Her ..and Moon Haikus for Haiku Heights

Thanks to SiS of FEW MILES for the prompt ..... Hush..

A hush descends on
His heart; hey, who’s it calling
Her name from the past..

and now my Moon Haikus:

A lovely off day,
After a tiring round of Earth
Moon rests in my thoughts…

Stars note his absence,
Talk in hushed voices, don't
Let the Sun know it..

By: RS

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Moon Haikus.... Haiku My Heart

Somehow I find myself fascinated with Moon and pictures continue to grow in my mind with Moon as the central character.. hope you too enjoy..

Earth Asks..

Eager Earth asks Moon
“Tell me, do I shine like you,”
Moon shrugs, doesn’t tell..


Smart Moon

I hold a moonbeam
And start climbing to reach Moon
Smart Moon cuts it off..

Half-baked Moon

Hungry for haiku;
I ask and she delivers
a half baked moon

by RS

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happier Choice

Happier Choice.... for Poets Rally Week 40

Ah, life is happy
We make it sad
By often thinking wrong
How silly and bad

Let us think of moonlight
While walking under the Sun
All the heat and dust
Will seem to be fun

Let us talk about stars
With a dry dead leaf
Fill heart with smiles
Wiping out the grief

Cherish little things
Like a mole on a dame's chin
A child's blowing nose
And a monkey's naughty grin

Let us think of aroma around
Amidst thorns when we walk
And sing romance in mind
When there's a hurting talk

Lets be always happy
By making thinking right
And make life beautiful
Cheerful, smiling and bright..

By: RS

This poem originally appeared in my book "A Little More Than Ordinary" which was published and released in Pune in 2002 .. I am happy to present it here for Poets Rally Week 40... hosted by Vinay...and other friends..who keep on inspiring.. This poem is aimed at making every one try to do which I have been trying always... Practicing Happiness..


Shadows of Future Could Dance Merrily

Align Center

Written for 3WW.. Volley, Identical, Dual.

Shadows of Future Could Dance Merrily ..

Both the bungalows
Looked identical
Built for two Sons of a big man
At the same place
Dual the cost and time
But he didn’t differentiate
He treated them equal
Two rooms, well ventilated
One in each, for him
And his spouse
When I saw it
A volley of questions hit me
Most of them evaporated
But one hung in front
Tied at the loose end of
My ever enquiring mind
Sun will enter from the windows
In both the rooms
Morning breeze would make
Golden curtains quiver
Each day, and a
Glorious past captured in
Photos will smile and
Take pride having
Got confined in beautifully
Carved frames, but then
One room would always
Remain empty
For at one time
Only one would be occupied
But then why were two built
Identical and the same
By the similar
For the same, or is it
That something was different
Or could fear of
Something turning different
Had led to creating space
So as to give space,
If it became essential
I sit wondering
Houses have walls
But why do homes have them
Walls of fear
Walls of doubt
Walls of uncertainty
Hey, demolish them I say
And be where the heart
Wants to be, don’t worry
World will any way
Try to give you reasons
To create empty spaces
So that shadows of future
Could dance merrily
But then why to listen...

Had My Twin Lived..

A volley of thoughts hit me
Had my twin lived
Would he be identical
Or is it that he is living in me
Having left some shades
Of him when we were together
Confined in the inner space
Of the womb of my mother
Oh, that explains my dual personality
One , when I am with myself
And the other with you..

: RS

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Haiku : Moon Comes Closer

Moon comes closer, ah,
Busy Earth can't even stop
To say a Hello..


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Does Such A Place Exist In this World..

Written for Jingle's Poetry Potluck

Does Such A Place
Exist In this World...

I felt upset for
I thought he deceived me
But then I didn’t find any
Remorse with him
He was as normal
As he could be
He had gleefully
Taken all the credit
Of whatever I had
Over a good span
Of time, but as the
Things stand I wonder
Have I really accomplished
If so why no one knew
And he considered

Taking credit
As his right, so
What remorse or betrayal
I was talking about
His dictionary didn’t
Have these words
Particularly when it was
With reference to
His own behaviour
I was getting upset over
Something I assumed
He understood and
Did deliberately
I did not realise, that
He never ever thought
That he was deceiving me
It was his way of living
Indeed, he was bestowed
With some rights
And he was simply
Exercising them
If that was bothering me
Well, I could go some place

Where it would be different
But then, does such a place
Exist in this World
I have been seeking
Answer to this question
Perhaps, it exists deep
Inside me somewhere

God knows, and I pray -
May God help me find it...

By : RS

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"I Too Thought So.."

Written for OSI Prompt : Sarcastic

I Too Thought So...

“Are you trying to say,
That, you can think like me?”
His voice was sarcastic
Eyes glaring
All in response to
My innocent remark
-“I too thought so”-
On something that
He had expressed
After meeting
A few lesser beings..
No, I could never
Think like him
How could I
Ever shun humility
To embrace arrogance
How could I put on
A different mask each moment
So that none knows
The real me
I was so incapable of
Flaunting power
Because I didn’t have it
And I lacked the will
To exploit people around
My love for sports
Had kept me out of
Life’s calculating games
How could I really ever
Think like him
So, I looked back at him
And without any sarcasm
Made a matter-of-fact
Statement and said,
“No, I can’t think like YOU!”
His face relaxed
He felt comfortable
And happier too
For he thought
He understood me right
My feelings too were same
At that moment
I was also comfortable
And happy too
For I had once again
Learnt how well did I
Understand myself…

Now my passion: A Haiku with Moon...

Sarcastic Moon shouts,
“How dare you shine more than me!”
Humble star steps back..

By: RS

Hi Haiku for Haiku Heights: Command

Thanks to Uma for the Prompt..

Mind tries to command,
Heart doesn’t listen; loves to
Dance to its own beats..

A very Happy Holi ... Festival of colors.... to you all..

By: RS

Friday, March 18, 2011

Man's Ailing Soul.....for HMH..

Written for Haiku My Heart.... as I pray for the people of Japan who are passing through a difficult phase..

Man keeps smothering,
Mother Earth roars with anger
Ah, hurting herself..

Man's Ailing Soul..

God, take a bit of
Moonlight in your wet hand, and
Mix it with sunlight

Add few drops of dew
Create a soothing balm, and put
On Man’s ailing soul

Perhaps a calm soul
May guide Man not to ever
Try beating nature..

A day may arise when
Sun would watch a happier
Earth go round and round..

By : RS

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Know You Blushed..

Written for 3WW.... Tickle, Breeze, Mellow.. from my archives of yesteryears..

When mellow breeze
Tickled my face and then yours
I know you blushed..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SMILE: OSI..Pi-ku Contest..

Written for OSI.. for Pi-ku contest

She makes me
just by smiling..


This is not a Pi-ku..just an expression on my having got late for the contribution on OSI..

May be late
then I arrived..

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Why don't you take drinks?"

Written for Jingle's Poetry Potluck ..March 14, 2011

"Why don't you take drinks?"

"Why don't you take drinks?"
He asks me holding his wine
In a shining goblet
Eyes too are shining
With pride and power
And two things make me wonder
One,why should he ask me this
Second, how does it matter to him
And I respond,
"For the same reason
For which you do.."
He doesn't understand
Taking another sip
He says, "hmm!"
Conversation doesn't flow
Wine does..
Hey don't you want to say
" Cheers!!!!"
Then say it dear
I am holding my glass of water
Hasn't some one said already
"Water is the best intoxicant
If taken with right spirit.."


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Giving & Living One Hundred Percent...

Written for Haiku Heights: Wings
and OSI: Passionate

My passion makes me
Flutter my wings and I fly
I am my thoughts..

Written for OSI:

Giving and Living One Hundred Percent..

My passion for writing..
Pulls me just to start it, and
Here I am without knowing
Where will it go
But then going it is
Having already done six lines
I am looking at seventh
And lo, this is eighth..
Your passion for reading
Brought you to tenth
And mine to write
Makes it a dear dozen
Yes, that’s what passion does
Passionate we, get carried away
Hoping for something interesting
Giving our best
Even to those things
Which we may initially
Appear undeserving
For such involvement
But then isn’t that how
We need to live
Giving one hundred percent
To every moment, passionately

Hoping for the good
For, if I have made it to
Living at an average of giving
Eighty percent to every moment
Then I wonder
In my Fifty years of living
I have lived only for forty years
Where did the ‘Ten’ go
And this makes me realize
That one needs to live fully
And that happens only
When one gives to each moment

From heart, mind and soul
Cherishing what then one receives,
One realizes that nothing
Sprinkled with passion
Ever goes waste
I gave my one hundred percent

When I started writing
Without any prior thoughts
Yet passion appears

To have pulled something
Which I always wanted to know
Haven't you too given

One hundred percent
When you began to read
For me it turned out interesting
For you…well, you know it..
I can certainly tell about myself
Yes, I am Happy
Now one thing that I am sure
About you here and now -
You are smiling…yes…


And a Haiku too..for OSI..For Poetry Potluck

King’s passion: Non-veg.
Leaves of tree feel safe, Lion sits
Under their green shade..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh, Jealous Sun Burns

Written for Haiku My Heart.. Friday..

Moon shines in day light
Sunflowers all turn to look at
Oh, Jealous Sun burns..


Sun shines in my eyes
You can't see it, for it hides
Behind haze of dreams


Grammy has posted a picutre and written a Haiku on her page asking if some thoughts come.. well..yes..the thoughts do come .. here they are:

Your eyes melt my soul
Few drops are sprinkled on yours,
Where are Horses..


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Haunting Haiku....

Written for 3WW: Dainty, Haunting, Tantalize

Dainty sounds of songs
In darkness tantalize, ah,
Signs of light haunt me..


By: RS

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spontaniety is Turning Life In to a Poem

Well friends , here is a bit of autobiographical attempt.. hope you will receive it well..

Written for OSI Prompt: Accidental.. Thanks to Rinkly Rimes..

Spontaneity is Turning Life in to a Poem…

Fun and frolic and happiness
And then loss of childhood
Entry in to adolescence
Likes and dislikes
Walk hand in hand
Temporary fame, and then
Mother’s death,
Betrayals by the kin
Deprivation of the rights
A deliberate change to
Unprotected environment
Struggle in the alien land
Sprinkles of love from
A small and sweet family
Demise of a doting old father
Suddenly followed by
Another spurt of
Endless opportunities
For popularity and renewed fame
Recognition at odd hours
And then pain emanating
From the burns gifted by
Arrows of jealousies
Hitting my spirit
Burden of growing
Under a shadow
Heart skips a few beats
Giving a chance to see
My own inner space
Then when comfort returns
Yet another uprooting
Orchestrated by destiny
That introduced new characters
Playing their roles effectively
And then a new place
For better growth
Because a kind heart meets
On the way and shakes hands
Introduction to a space for
Giving and receiving
Absolute freedom of expression
Saplings turning in to lovely trees
Smiles growing on every object
World turning more beautiful
Wow, and then to think ordinary
Taking all this as accidental, no..
Even a couple of accidents

On the way, but then,
How can anything be accidental,
It’s a flow, a constant flow, yes
Moving forward with pain
And happiness as essential parts
Acceptance is a bliss
Yes, God let me flow
And from the deepest corners
Of my heart…where he dwells
His voice loud and clear
He says… keep flowing…

Keep flowing… and I am flowing
Spontaneity is turning life
In to a poem
Or has it always been a poem
In the garb of life…
Well whatever,

It's so very beautiful..

I am sure all this happens – ups and downs- with many a people who walk on this Earth with the pupose of learning evolving, making things better around them, moving forward…accepting… I salute all of them… with humility in my heart..

By:- RS

In a world So Cold...

Written for Haiku Heights.. prompt : Cold

In a world so cold
Child of poverty seeks
Warmth in man’s heart


Such coldness in heart
Your words freeze, I wait for Sun
To let kindness melt..


A fun Haiku..too, well here's one;

Jungle celebrates
Everyone sings, donkey doesn't
Suffers from cold..

Friday, March 4, 2011

Beckoned the Sky..

From my book published
in 2002 under the same title i.e. A Little More Than Ordinary...
contributed here for One Stop Poetry hosted by Brian Miller..

Beckoned the sky
So vast and blue
I wanted to fly, I flew..

- RS

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zebra Pulls His Stripes..

Haikus for LOL..... and Haiku My Heart

In lighter vain...

Envious of horse,
Zebra shuns his stripes, makes a
Donkey of himself ...


Elephant on diet,
Wears a dress; wants to notice
Any fall in weight....


And now , how can I miss writing on Moon..

High rise outside my
Window hides Moon, heart flies
To catch a glimpse

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Affinity for All That’s Sweet..

Written for 3WW: Fidget, Affinity, Mention

My Affinity for All That’s Sweet..

Whenever there’s a
Whispering mention
Of affinity I had for sweets
I would fidget, because
In spite of my liking
I wasn’t allowed to
Go near those sweeties
Just because once upon a time
About a year ago
My sugar Levels touched 592
Surprised? Doctor too was,
And I… I wasn’t bothered
As they say- for me ignorance
Became a kind of a bliss..
But then I needed to try
And feel comfortable
Even in proximity of sweets
No fidgeting,
And I found a way
I decided to keep in touch
And talk to each one of
Sweeties, like, the other day
That piece of cake
Which would have
Enjoyed getting crushed
Under my teeth to finally
Become a part of
My inner space
Naughtily gestured to tempt me
Cajoled me, threw hints
And I went towards it
Lifted it, put it in a plate
And told it in my own
Sweet sugar coated voice,
‘’Hey, aren’t you
Looking so great, so brown,
Crisp and so very sweet, oh,

Tell me, are you a little
Less sugary today,”
And before it could respond
I handed over
The plate to my spouse
Ah, she is very nice
No need to mention, but
In spite of knowing all about
My affinity she doesn’t mind
If I keep it to talking
To all that’s sweet….
Appears abnormal, ha, ha,
But look at my sugar levels
Those are back to normal… .

- RS