Sunday, March 20, 2011

Does Such A Place Exist In this World..

Written for Jingle's Poetry Potluck

Does Such A Place
Exist In this World...

I felt upset for
I thought he deceived me
But then I didn’t find any
Remorse with him
He was as normal
As he could be
He had gleefully
Taken all the credit
Of whatever I had
Over a good span
Of time, but as the
Things stand I wonder
Have I really accomplished
If so why no one knew
And he considered

Taking credit
As his right, so
What remorse or betrayal
I was talking about
His dictionary didn’t
Have these words
Particularly when it was
With reference to
His own behaviour
I was getting upset over
Something I assumed
He understood and
Did deliberately
I did not realise, that
He never ever thought
That he was deceiving me
It was his way of living
Indeed, he was bestowed
With some rights
And he was simply
Exercising them
If that was bothering me
Well, I could go some place

Where it would be different
But then, does such a place
Exist in this World
I have been seeking
Answer to this question
Perhaps, it exists deep
Inside me somewhere

God knows, and I pray -
May God help me find it...

By : RS


  1. Um, I don't think such a place exists except perhaps within the heart.

    Well written and well considered poem as always, Ramesh. Thank you!

  2. Such a smooth flow of thoughts. Very logical reasoning too, It felt as if you were talking to me in person.Thanks for sharing

  3. beautiful ! words synchronise with some thing i am going through , felt as if you have confined the thoughts thats running through my mind in words ...and the last lines gave me hope ! :) And now I am smiling ! :)

  4. simple style of poetry, hearfelt..great job!

  5. here's my take on lies: u enjoy it!:)

  6. We can't expect the devil to care..only we ourselves have the answer within, I profound of you to tackle this question!!

  7. devils only care for himself.

    smart word play and more.
    Thanks for the contribution,


  8. in psychology ramesh, no one is all wrong and no one is totally right.. we are all different and classified into many many categories like functionalists etc. we just have to appreciate everyone surrounding us flaws and all.. or whether or not they agree with our comments or the way we write haha! here's mine..

  9. But we do keep searching, don't we? Perhaps the search must go inward...
    Here's mine:

  10. The eternal search. What a nice post!

  11. Glad to know that certain words do not exist in your Dictionary RS!! Your thoughts are expressed so well!!
    Even the moon came quite close to earth the other day...any sarcastic messages?? ;)

  12. that was a different take when you say he did not even realize he was deceiving you .. mmm.. no wonder such people never realize how much it hurts the person on other end .. but do we stop sulking or move on ?? I guess we just learn to fight them if we really can not take the hurt ..

  13. Forgiveness is the only answer to freedom of pain.

  14. RS!! What I was saying earlier was that you don't have harshness in the words you use!! that means it is not there in your nature so not in the "dictionary" :) ..and you took it literally!! I understood what you said, that you like the use of unusual words in my posts!! Regarding sarcasm it was directed to the moon and you took it personally!! LOL!! RS a case of understanding eachothers communication I suppose!! Smiles and cheers!!