Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter Freezes Dreams

A Chain of Haiku for
Haiku My Heart Friday, Haiku Heights Saturday
One Single Impression (OSI) Sunday

Winter Freezes Dreams

Ready to face storms,
life yearns for more joys and smiles;
winter freezes dreams

Winter freezes dreams;
I see  her eyes exude warmth,
snow in my heart melts..

Snow in my heart melts
causing a storm in my mind;
soul yearns for a truce


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Friday, November 23, 2012

Her Love Nest in Greens

A Chain of Haiku for
Haiku My Heart Friday, Haiku Heights Saturday
One Single Impression (OSI)
 NEST is the prompt I proposed for
 OSI for Sunday

Dedicated to My Wife..

Her Love Nest in Greens

Her love nest in greens;
she crosses desert of life
with dreams in her eyes

With dreams in her eyes;
she holds them tight in her heart,
winter warms her hearth

Winter warms her hearth;
moonlit deserts shine no more,
now Moon hangs on tree

Now Moon hangs on tree;
luminous in her own light
her love nest in greens


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Her Life In Motion

A Haiku 5-7-5 for

Peaceful, VisionMotion

Happy peaceful thoughts
help have a clearer vision;
Her life in motion


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sweet Fruits of Comfort

Prompt: Marriage

Sweet Fruits of Comfort

Years go by before
one learns meaning of marriage;
Isn't it worth it?

Isn't it worth it;
wow, heart leads to union of
mind, body and soul

Mind, body and soul
nurture the tree of marriage;
sweet fruits of comfort..


Friday, November 16, 2012

None Sits Under Trees

Prompt: Trees

None Sits Under Trees

None sits under trees
to share stories the hearts hide;
Old oak stands alone

Old oak stands alone;
winds touch with a hope to hear
tales of love and hate

Tales of love and hate
spill out in coffee cafe';
None sits under trees..


Also sharing with Haiku My Heart..

Thursday, November 15, 2012

She Stands Behind Me..

Written for Rebecca's
Haiku My Heart..

She Stands Behind Me..

I look in mirror
and lo, find her smiling back;
she stands behind me..

She stands behind me
pushing me to move ahead;
No, snow melts me not..

No, snow melts me not..
nor does the sun burn my dreams;
yes, I move ahead

Yes, I move ahead;
whenever I find feeling low
I look in mirror..


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Third anniversary.. Love and Share..

November 14, 2012  


Written for prompts at 3WW and OSI...
with thanks to all others.. Few Miles
Haiku Heights, Haiku My Heart and
JP at Olive Garden

Where No More Shadows Linger

No, I realise now
It wasn't right on my part
to implicate him
along with my own fate
that conspired to 
destroy my perceived future
Present appeared
to be 'present' because
I was alive and breathing
Oh, it was indeed a stretch
Of my own imagination
whereas truth always
hung there in the mind:
"I had attracted all
that  happened to me,
I was the cause".
It was never about 'Me'
but it was not about "Him" too
and that was alright,
He  had a  right
to be in love with himself..
as much as I had
why should I struggle
to prove something
That did not exist..
Today I understand
that I needed to be wiser
This is what confuses me -
-does this understanging
make me any wiser...
If so then perhaps
Three Years of constant
flow of thoughts here has 
brought me to a place
where life laughs without fear
where life dances with gay abundance
where life dreams the impossible
where heart and mind know each other
where love is all that is left with me
where it's not about "Him or them"
where it is all about living happily
in my own small world
where no more shadows linger
All because of this space
And the love I received here
from all the discerning friends
who often visit leaving behind their
gifts of smiles and energies behind
and trust me I pick them all
as that becomes my own armour
against all that is darker....
You can see the light here
don't you on this Third Anniversary


Well a Haiku is a must on the occasion:

An year went
and then another
we exist..

We exist
because of our thoughts;
love and share...


Monday, November 12, 2012

A Very Happy Diwali...

It's Festival of Lights ...tomorrow...
Here's wishing all everyone ...
A Very Happy Diwali...

Stars Shine in Silence

Stars shine in silence
celebrating joy of Earth;
Festival of lights..

Festival of lights;
rhythmic Earth dances to the
 beats of  cosmic heart

Beats of cosmic heart;
 none struggles to choose joy on
festival of lights..

Festival of lights
illuminated earth turns
a decked-up bride..


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Her Rhythmic Footfalls.

Written for HH, OSI and HMH..

Prompt: Silence

Prompt : struggle

Her Footfalls Stay Quiet..

Sunbeams hit her face,
breaking her inner silence;
musical notes grow..

Musical notes grow;
morning struggles to move with
her rhythmic footfalls


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Let Me Call It Life...

Compromise, Decision, Forward

Let Me Call It Life...

Moving forward
doesn't mean compromising
So, I chose to stay-put
A decision like that
for me at that time meant
I was moving forward

Stuck heart-deep
in my own web of values
I could feel the vibrations
A new world was emerging slowly
I too got ready to merge
Something had kept moving
Let me call it 'life'
You know it can be felt..


Friday, November 2, 2012

I Take Out Woollens..

Written  for Haiku Heights & OSI
Rebecca's Haiku My Heart

Prompt: Nature

From my book "A Little More Than Ordinary.."
I have always found nature hiding greatest
lessons of life in its unfolding everyday...This one just happened...

"Welcome Breeze",
Exclaim fresh leaves
And dry ones cry,
"No please, no please"


I Take Out Woollens..

Nature has her way
to keep changing her attire;
layer of winter

Layer of winter
subdues fury of the Sun;
I take out woollens..

I take out woollens;
happy hues and the colours
say a warm hello..