Thursday, September 30, 2010

Joyous Stars Arrive..

Written for Haiku My Heart

Happy Earth Invites;
And sliding down a Rainbow
Joyous stars arrive..


Colourful stripes
Of cut rainbow, sway in sky
Teased by winds..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Elephant & Ant... ( contd.)

Written for LOL Prompt : Age

And the Tale Continues..

Elephant & Ant...

Before marrying Auntie Ant
Our dear hero Elephant

Had fallen for a (FR) Female- Rat
Oh, don’t ask how could be that

Shocked to see the monolith
FR thought it really fit

To talk before taking the bait
So happily agreed for a date

Settling for a cup of tea together
Looking charming in a blue sweater

She wondered how he could be so huge
Elephant oblivious was pretty enthused

Then directing on his face her gaze
She asked him, ‘Hey, what’s your age?”

Elephant blushed and said, ‘Oh dear,
This December, I will be one year

‘Shouldn’t be asking, that’s true
But hey, tell me, how old are you?”

“Me, too,” she gathered courage to tell,
“But right from birth not keeping well.”

Little awkward, she glanced here and there
But Elephant was already looking elsewhere

Up above on edge of Sugar Bowl so high
Moving swiftly, an Ant had caught his eye…

Rest as you know is history….......

An Imminent Rain of Happiness

Written for 3WW Prompts:
Imminent, Engulf, Tamper

An Imminent Rain of Happiness

Hey, doesn’t matter if
In moments of weakness
A guiltless mind gets stronger
And an overconfident you
Tamper with truth,
One thing is certain
Webs of doubt will engulf
Your shining soul, slowly
But surely leading to an
Imminent fall of self –esteem
How long will you
Camouflage the fear in heart
With a smile on face
Ah, how will you get your
Eyes on your side
Who would reflect the pain
Of a heart, that prefers to
Listen to thin yet clear
Voice of soul, well
Finally, mind will have to
Shake hands with heart
To help soul shine
With light engulfing
Your whole being…
Resulting in an
Imminent rain of happiness

With you letting the truth
Reveal itself in all its glory

May God help man
Refrain from tampering truth ever
Let no moments weaken His
Greatest creation..


Monday, September 27, 2010

A Monument of Broken Dreams

Before the main title here's a haiku, written for Haiku Heights Prompt: Sacred ( 2)

Sun, the only one
Without a darker side, God's
Sacred creation..

Written for OSI Prompt Monument(2)

A Monument of Broken Dreams

Now that I turn in to
A monument of broken dreams
Stand beside me & smile
As you will get clicked
To become a raving news
Overnight, let people find us
Smiling together at least once,
You for obvious reason
Of standing in front of camera
As the architect of the
And I for having
Finally become something
Of note, to be written about...

The only thing I felt good about such a monument is that it
would never get a chance to be called ancient ever, for its life is too short
as new dreams would be plucked from the skies of imagination..

I have added this inspired by what Harshadji mentioned in his comment..


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Am I A Monument?

Awaiting all my friends to get connected here and now..

For OSI & Haiku Heights

A sacred monument
Of a naughtier childhood
Scar smiles on my face


Am I A Monument?

A gift of connectedness
With God, from God
As I would often find
In some vacant moments
The invisible string,
That tied us together
Would quietly tremble
A sure signal, for me, that
‘Twas time for thoughts
To flow like water, and
I would sit with a paper & pen
Ready to scribble
Just like I am doing it now
For string had just trembled
Thoughts are entering my heart
I am remembering..Yes..

A friend last Saturday
Expressed…hey, you’ve talent
You need to be discovered
And I wondered…
By whom and for what reasons...
Am I a monument?
Or a hidden piece of art
Or a remnant of an edifice from past
Or a grave of a princess
Or a temple quietly sleeping
Under the layers of ochre
Or an idol of a deity rusting
Somewhere in the forgotten hills
Or a mysterious path
Leading to the unknown
Or a life enhancing green species

One takes almost a century
Yet fails to discover one-self
And then expecting to be
Discovered by the world…
But then who is in a hurry
When we know that
We all are indestructible spirits
Destined to stay around forever
In whatever form..
Now that I understand this
Does it mean I have discovered
Some portion of me…
Isn’t discovering ‘self’ the purpose
Of the journey...on which
We all have already embarked upon
In our own chosen disguises…

Doesn’t then coming and sharing
On this page, makes it
A lot easier and comfortable
What with all the expressions
Getting transformed collectively into
Which might for future generations
Turn in to a monument dedicated
To Continuous Self-discovery…
Hey….flow is getting affected
Ah, I find the string slowing down….
…..About to stop trembling
……..Am I losing connection for now..
And flow …of …..thoug……hts..
Y……………e…………………..s. ......

Friends.. don't you think that Prompts act as a boundary-less confinement..for the hearts and minds to think and create.. Thanks to OSI..I could become a part of this beautiful world..

One single Impression
Monument of self discovery, ah,
To rise in its depths

Friday, September 24, 2010


WRITTEN FOR "recuerda mi corazon" HAIKU MY HEART

Tempted by glitter
Night quietly plucks a star
Moon cries in vain

Thursday, September 23, 2010

3WW : A Haiku and a poem

Fruit Awaits..

A nudge by desire
Gives springs to his gait
Fruits ripen..


Dreams Haven't Yet Ripened..

A little nudge by desire
Adds springs to his gait
But dreams hanging from skies
Haven’t yet ripened
Stars watch and feel pity
But he’s on his way, happy
If only Moon could talk
But can’t, under oath
Of a starry night
Breeze knows the truth
And whisper’s in his ears
But he doesn’t understand
Language of nature
Hasn’t ever got in touch
With fresh mornings
Always lives with
His darkened truths
Wrapped in desires
Missing many a message
For a better life
May God let Sun
Shine on him
And shadow reveal
His real self , who in turn
Might help him
Learn to recognize
His own dreams, giving him
Patience to wait
Till they get ripened,

Ah, if only it happens
And we all could learn to wait..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010



Morning's fresh air nudges
And my mind quietly changes
Its lazy demeanour , turning europhic
With a rush the ripened thoughts
Fall on the pure spotless paper
Of my heart, where
The transformation takes place
Words dance with happiness
To the exotic tune of imagination
After getting all energised
Begin to slowly file in uneven
Straight lines in an indisciplined gait
Discipline would have made them rigid
Destroying their originality
And then how would they have
Turned in to this poem
Ah! they are happy to be moving
Through your discerning eyes this moment
Seeking the gift of your smiles
Would continue their eternal dance
As long as heart's drum keeps beating
And morning's fresh air continues to nudge...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My 100th Post of 2010 for OSI & HH

Written for

Haiku Heights Prompt: Bliss
OSI Prompt: Joie De Vivre


Rose opens up and
Butterfly sips happiness
Wow, what a bliss!

Added Later:

Flowers' morning talk
Butterflies blissfully listen to
Naughty secrets..


My Joie de vivre

Sun on the horizon
Just lifts up its face to
Look around, before
Climbing up the wall

Petals of rose
Gather in a huddle
Wishing good luck
Before opening up

Hugging blades of grass
Dew drops pray together
Before getting wiped out
By making feet wet

Birds leave their nests
Say hello to each other
Hopping from tree to tree
Before exploring the day

Cheery breeze
Carries & spreads aroma
Of half baked dreams
Before teasing damsel’s hair

Tall trees with humility
Bow their heads
Greeting nature’s splendor
Before shunning dry leaves

Lilies beckon and
Butterflies dance
Before children’s little fingers
Passionately Pursue them

Gleaming sun rays
Touch my face
Whispering in my ears
‘Have a happy day!’

That’s how it begins
Every morning; and life smiles
Ah, my joy of living
My Joie de vivre…

Ah, What a Reverse..

Written for LOL Prompt: Reverse

Ah , Reverse!

On his buying a brand new bigger car,
He wanted to go to a temple afar

To seek blessings of his family God
For driving it was quite a smooth road

He went and didn't return in time
Hey, I am finding it difficult to rhyme

Well, found it and look I got it right too
See a worried waiting mother's plight, you

Night fell, but he hadn't still returned
Anxiety engulfed as midnight oil burned

And when he reached , he was quite disturbed
So very angry, oh, he looked perturbed

"It took me four hours , I reached on dot
But returning back took ten hours on trot

"Against car manufacturer, I will file a case
How can he cheat us straight on our face

For going I could use all the five gears",
Before continuing further, he angrily swears

" But coming back went from bad to worse
Only one gear to return, called 'reverse'

"What can I do if I am full of hate
Just because of gears, I got so very late."

Thank God! I could finally complete this verse
Wondered, if I too will have to take a reverse..

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shedding His Demure Appearance..

Shedding His Demure Appearance..

No, he never compromised on
The way he looked at life
Always felt comfortable in simplicity
In all that surrounded him
Everyone talked about his humility
And an uncanny ability of
Making others feel at peace
Keeping his appearance and himself
As one – without distinction
But then the devil
Raised his head, running through
All that was an easy prey
Such was the intensity & passion
Among the frenzied crowds
From opposite sides of humanity
Out to crush each other
That pairs of eyes gleamed
With reflection of fire
Burning down dreams and hopes
And the hurt billows of smoke
Slowly pushed themselves
To hide their faces in shame
Behind the curtains of haze
And the volatile conditions
Paved way for him to shed
his demure appearance
For that would attract
Offenders perceiving a soft target
Ah, he needed to be a
Part of the crowds,
Appearance needed transformation
Survival had become mandatory
Isn’t that the reason, then
For most of the compromises
Humanity makes from time to time

Sunday, September 12, 2010

HH : Appreciation, OSI : The Passing

Written for Haiku Heights Prompt: Appreciation

Stars sing lullabies and
Sun sleeps, Moon shines brighter in

Written for OSI Prompt: The Passing

The Passing of Ordinaries

The Passing of King Arthur-
Documented; for he was the King,
What about yours and mine
Who would remember
We won’t have a Tennyson
Nor are we myths, who
Need to be explored
By the inquisitive, we are ordinaries or
So why should we be different
But then, why should we not be…
Why our passing cannot be
Worth documenting

And if it could be made different
From lying on a pyre
And becoming a part of flames
Making it all pure and pious
Or sleeping for eternity in the
Arms of God, buried deep
In to the warmth of Earth
Then, those connected
With us in spirit and heart
May love to talk about
The inevitable event – The Passing
For years to come
But then, what could it be -

Smoothly sailing in a boat
In to the sunset
Or climbing up the icy hills &
Turning in to statues of ice, whom
No Sun will be able to melt
Or getting wings and soaring
In to the blue skies
And settling as one among
The fraternity of stars
Or simply vanishing like a vapor
To return as a raindrop
Carrying hope of becoming
A part of the vast deep ocean

Or quietly lying
On a surgeon’s table
Permitting exploration
Of the inner space, so that
Some others can live more..
And indeed it would be
An icing on the cake
If the poet in us separates itself
Quietly and stays back
In the thoughts of
A chosen one to document
The Passing…
Whichever way it passes

Ah! As it always happens
I can see God reading my thoughts
And smiling… yes,
Unknowingly, I have trespassed
In to his space…
And now I await punishment..

Friday, September 10, 2010

LOL Prompt: Cook

Well friends you may recall about Elephant and Ant having gone for their honeymoon..well they are back and this is what is happening:

Elephant & Ant ..Contd.

Back from honeymoon
Elephant and Ant are
Trying to build their home
Ant doesn't know how to cook
Elephant is losing weight
His Mom and Dad are angry
Know the saying "Love is blind"
But their concern is not
What did he see in ant
It is that from up above
How did he see her at all..
Anyone who can help them
with answer..


Digesting Stories

"Hey, what's cooked today", he asked
She replied, " Cooked a story."
He went to her study, removed the paper
From her writing pad and quitely ate
He couldn't devour her cooking for long
And now his name has a prefix "Late"
Can you tell me why....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dreams Don't Bother About Status

Written for

Dreams Don't Bother About Status

He read the invitation
Again, again and again
Oh, how nice he felt
Head over heels
He wanted to be there
But the evening was at a distance
Few more hours to go
And his thoughts drifted
Would she be there?
He grew wings and
Went soaring in to
His own world of fantasy
Today, he would propose
And her ‘Yes’ would be
The most soothing music
To his ears, wasn't that a

Yearning for eons ..
Wedding would be solemnized
In royal settings, she was
His princess, a fairy and deserved
All the attention and appeasement
And that's when

The clock struck 1200 hrs
Crackling sound
Brought him back
To the real world
Invitation card glittered
He lifted it again with a smile
Looked closely at his name
Oh, what was that?
It wasn’t his name
Only initials were same
Lying in his tethered clothes
On the side of the footpath
He looked around
The card had reached him
Nudged and pushed
By a naughty wind
Ahh, a feast consisting of
Italian delicacies followed
By a peg of robust wine
In august company of charming
Women, with his beloved around
Would remain a dream
Yet he smiled, a thought
Comforted him
He and the richest could have
The similar fantasies,
Same shining dreams....
Dreams don't bother about status
They are beautiful birds
Of thoughts with coloured wings
Willing to nestle in any mind
Seeking only one promise
“Nurture us with all your love
……..turn us in to reality...”

Yes, he too would nurture them
And he looked up making
A promise to his departing soul
As a stranger’s hand
Closed his frozen eyes…

While I wrote a sad end beccause that too happens with people, but just thought and would like to add that a positive end to the poem could be..

...He looked up making
A promise to himself
To pursue his dream by

Transforming his life with effort,
Supported by daily prayer...

While happier endings look always better but do let me have your views....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

LOL Prompt : Spill

Can’t Even Punish Him…

“Hey, you know, how he licks her feet
And wags his tail when she is around
And when she’s away, keeps barking
And running after maids, spilling liquor,

Spoiling the carpet, dud! should be chained & tied
Whenever she goes out,"

Said the elder one. Younger one listened and
Being practically more intelligent replied,
“We can’t tell her,
And can’t even bite or chew him to pieces,
He’s the one who arranges chow for us, nowadays,”
Pet dogs of the celeb.. ended their talk

And quietly proceeded for their chow..

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Written for OSI Prompt : Choices

Devil’s Laughter is the Loudest

“Oh, you are shocked,
I know because you
Can’t find your opposite-self
In the mirror, yes, the other day
He stepped out quietly
And merged with you,
I saw it happening
Hiding under the transparent
Sheets of my own illusions
And from that day onwards
I am not able to meet
The real you, your opposite

Keeps on smiling through you
I don’t return his smile
Because I shouldn’t…
Won’t he feel pampered
When the real you is hiding
Behind him somewhere
One day it will happen
Mirror will take him back
And you will return to our world
Hey, you said his world?
Who is interested in anything good

And beautiful In today’s world,
Devil’s laughter is the loudest..”

The voice faints, and
I wake up with a sudden jolt
Sweating, what’s that..
A devil having taken over me
Whom I had been able to keep silent
In the darkened Depths
of my inner space for years,
Right from the time
I learnt to think, no,
Wouldn’t let my effort fail
With eyes close I sit in prayer
Invoking God to help
The Seer in me again take over
For that’s my calling,
My choice, out of opposite choices
Devil’s laughter may be the loudest
But it’s the smile of the seer
In which lie the roots of
My joy, comfort, and peace
And I know, my happiness lies
In my skill, of keeping the devil
Constantly quiet and still,
Sometimes I may fail, but let those
Occasions be absolutely rarer,
God, let the seer keep smiling!


Move ahead, turn back
Or stay where you are, ah!
Life's myriad choices..


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Haiku Heights - Prompt: Beauty

Opposite steps
Out of the mirror, shattering
The myth of beauty


Melting clouds vanish
Moon walks on town’s wet roads
Splashing beauty

Thursday, September 2, 2010

3 WW ( 2) : Turning Positive

A negative thought
Danced on the hard floor
Of my mind
Suddenly slipped
And breaking the barriers
Pulled by humble gravity
Fell on the soft surface
Of the heart,
And lo! Turned positive..


Don't bring negatives
To the surface, why break
Sculpted myths..


Prompted by Heart..


Door Crackles, recognizing

Footsteps from the past

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3WW Prompts: Break, Negative, Surface

A heart breaks, and
Fissures simmer below surface
Developing negatives...


A little one holding vase
In tiny hands, moves confidently
Ah, mother shouts, " Don't, it will break."
And the time trembles,
Negativity overpowers positivity
Vase slips and shattered
Pieces of confidence lie
Scattered on mind's fragile surface..


Here's adding another one:

Don't bring negatives
To the surface, why break
Sculpted myths..