Friday, September 17, 2010

Shedding His Demure Appearance..

Shedding His Demure Appearance..

No, he never compromised on
The way he looked at life
Always felt comfortable in simplicity
In all that surrounded him
Everyone talked about his humility
And an uncanny ability of
Making others feel at peace
Keeping his appearance and himself
As one – without distinction
But then the devil
Raised his head, running through
All that was an easy prey
Such was the intensity & passion
Among the frenzied crowds
From opposite sides of humanity
Out to crush each other
That pairs of eyes gleamed
With reflection of fire
Burning down dreams and hopes
And the hurt billows of smoke
Slowly pushed themselves
To hide their faces in shame
Behind the curtains of haze
And the volatile conditions
Paved way for him to shed
his demure appearance
For that would attract
Offenders perceiving a soft target
Ah, he needed to be a
Part of the crowds,
Appearance needed transformation
Survival had become mandatory
Isn’t that the reason, then
For most of the compromises
Humanity makes from time to time


  1. An harsh but true reflection. Yes people compromise.
    Beautiful poetry, I just got lost in the depth of words..

  2. sigh...a sad reality :( blunt yet touching :) i was flowing with your words...lovely :)

  3. A very soulful piece you've contributed here.

  4. a worthy read and a very good take for 3WW...:)

  5. "From opposite sides of humanity
    Out to crush each other"

    Isn't this the story of what happens to everyone of us, at some point of time!
    very well said, Rameshji.

  6. Can relate. Thanks for putting it in words so well.

  7. ahhh fear, desire, power... all those wonderful traits of humanity.... compassion, empathy, mercy, grace... yes the wonders of humanity... it is wonderful tho that every day is brand new...

  8. I kind of agree- very thought provoking..

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  10. Brilliant !! .. Let us not call it compromise ... But a mandatory 'Need of The Hour' ... More like 'Dharma'!