Saturday, September 25, 2010

Am I A Monument?

Awaiting all my friends to get connected here and now..

For OSI & Haiku Heights

A sacred monument
Of a naughtier childhood
Scar smiles on my face


Am I A Monument?

A gift of connectedness
With God, from God
As I would often find
In some vacant moments
The invisible string,
That tied us together
Would quietly tremble
A sure signal, for me, that
‘Twas time for thoughts
To flow like water, and
I would sit with a paper & pen
Ready to scribble
Just like I am doing it now
For string had just trembled
Thoughts are entering my heart
I am remembering..Yes..

A friend last Saturday
Expressed…hey, you’ve talent
You need to be discovered
And I wondered…
By whom and for what reasons...
Am I a monument?
Or a hidden piece of art
Or a remnant of an edifice from past
Or a grave of a princess
Or a temple quietly sleeping
Under the layers of ochre
Or an idol of a deity rusting
Somewhere in the forgotten hills
Or a mysterious path
Leading to the unknown
Or a life enhancing green species

One takes almost a century
Yet fails to discover one-self
And then expecting to be
Discovered by the world…
But then who is in a hurry
When we know that
We all are indestructible spirits
Destined to stay around forever
In whatever form..
Now that I understand this
Does it mean I have discovered
Some portion of me…
Isn’t discovering ‘self’ the purpose
Of the journey...on which
We all have already embarked upon
In our own chosen disguises…

Doesn’t then coming and sharing
On this page, makes it
A lot easier and comfortable
What with all the expressions
Getting transformed collectively into
Which might for future generations
Turn in to a monument dedicated
To Continuous Self-discovery…
Hey….flow is getting affected
Ah, I find the string slowing down….
…..About to stop trembling
……..Am I losing connection for now..
And flow …of …..thoug……hts..
Y……………e…………………..s. ......

Friends.. don't you think that Prompts act as a boundary-less confinement..for the hearts and minds to think and create.. Thanks to OSI..I could become a part of this beautiful world..

One single Impression
Monument of self discovery, ah,
To rise in its depths


  1. So refreshing !!! .. first thing in the morning !! ... May you keep treading slowly yet softly on your path of ‘Self Discovery’…As you said “who is in a hurry?”
    … As for ‘Monument’ .. I would rather be a ..’ a mysterious path leading to the unknown, Or a life enhancing green species’…. Or even the ‘Sun’ … which dutifully rises each morning …. Renders its solemn service and goes down … dutifully once again…. Without getting entangled or embroiled with anything … just a silent spectator … like a humble servant serving the need and going back to sleep in his Mother’s tender Care.

  2. Connection is always there, now and always, for we are just different pots containing water from same stream.

    Thank you for wonderful prompt.

    Lots of love.

  3. Pyaara Dost,
    My pc stopped functioning from today morning.Right now I am at my workplace.Before leaving for home,I thought of reaching your blog and commenting.:)
    Dost,it's lovely;I may not be a part of this so called beautiful world.But still,feelings flow and I feel writing a new post.But the pc should be ok.nah?
    You are really blessed with words and keep writing.
    Let us keep connected with GOD,and with HIS creations.
    And,dost,if you don't see my comments here,trust me,that means my pc is not ok.
    Today being Sunday we are working.:(
    Enjoyed your lines and I'm leaving here with a smile.:)
    Enjoy and relax.

  4. The journey is definitely most important, but being discovered certainly doesn't hurt.
    Loved the ending, and yes, the prompt sites are great for getting the creative juices flowing.

  5. Yes, you said it right! And for One Single Impression, I think I have grown and matured just a li'l as a writer and poet! That I am so thankful with OSI...what more? I met wonderful people there who share the same passion as mine...

    But being a monument? For now, that's just a figment of my imagination. and it may not prosper to be like that!

    I admire you for receiving wonderful comments that you have a nurture it and soon thereafter, finally, a monument to your name will be made!

  6. A delightful haiku! Thinking about being a monument to others can be a goal - like a role model - but I'm not comfortable calling myself a hero or a monument or a legend! Somehow I feel that status is conferred by others. Loved all the thoughts spiralling through your poem! Quite challenging!

  7. Oh, how I enjoy reading your posts every week...yes, isn't it funny how our brain can interfere with our flow when we allow it to take over our thoughts. Beautiful take on the prompt - thank you for sharing! I love how you described the invisible string that trembles...

  8. Thanks all of you for lovely comments..

    Ooops.. Here's a little clarification for Amity and Greyscale Terriotory..

    I have not written that any of us may become a monument, if you see it a little carefully you will find me talking about OSI becoming a monument of Self -discovery..

    And hey.. that's possible why not with efforts of Sandy and Andree..

  9. Very much an enjoyable read, and an interesting journey for the reader! Wonderful post, and thanks for the prompt! =)


  10. Both of these are wonderful! I especially love your second poem about discovering the self. Very true that we often wait for the world to discover us instead of being our own catalyst to immortality.


  11. So true Mr.Sood.
    Loved both the poems for OSI and Haiku Heights. :)

  12. Loved the fun take in both the poems, especially the new idea of a prolonged ending (in the second poem).

  13. An outstanding ode to life and its content. Impressed !

    Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  14. Beautiful!...your connections and the last para..was written in reality

  15. Very beautiful poems. I am thinking of the laugh and smile lines that are a monument to the good life. Thank you for these and for being a part of OSI.

  16. You have written two wonderful poems! I especially like the haiku with its memory of a childhood mishap. And I do think each of us is a hidden piece of art, our life's work being to discover what we can bring to the world to make it better than before we came. thank you for sharing your work...


  17. expecting to be discovered by the world....we all live for this only...a feeling of public acceptance

  18. I was wondering what kind of monument it might be and then I discovered the man as the monument..

  19. Oh yes I like these very much.
    Well done my friend

  20. I enjoyed the Haiku but the poem as well "The invisible string,
    That tied us together" I have felt that string many times, I am glad for it, lovely writing!

  21. had to smile abt the rambunctious youth... i like to think it possibly a scar of reasoning....

  22. Yes- I totally agree with you that our prompts and us writing do act as monuments somewhat in discovering things about yourself. Very well done and very well written- excellent choice on the prompt as well!

  23. i particularly enjoyed the haiku. i can relate to it.

  24. I love the exploration in depth of monuments, of self, of what it really means to be a monument, in the longer poem. Well done! Loved the cheekiness of the haiku as well...