Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ah, What a Reverse..

Written for LOL Prompt: Reverse

Ah , Reverse!

On his buying a brand new bigger car,
He wanted to go to a temple afar

To seek blessings of his family God
For driving it was quite a smooth road

He went and didn't return in time
Hey, I am finding it difficult to rhyme

Well, found it and look I got it right too
See a worried waiting mother's plight, you

Night fell, but he hadn't still returned
Anxiety engulfed as midnight oil burned

And when he reached , he was quite disturbed
So very angry, oh, he looked perturbed

"It took me four hours , I reached on dot
But returning back took ten hours on trot

"Against car manufacturer, I will file a case
How can he cheat us straight on our face

For going I could use all the five gears",
Before continuing further, he angrily swears

" But coming back went from bad to worse
Only one gear to return, called 'reverse'

"What can I do if I am full of hate
Just because of gears, I got so very late."

Thank God! I could finally complete this verse
Wondered, if I too will have to take a reverse..


  1. Thank God, you did not reverse, it would have deprived me of such a lovely poem! It is a treat that delighted mind.

  2. Ohh my God.. what he lacked was an understanding in life... some things are meant to be to chose or not may be his own destiny.

  3. Some weaving describing a situation- pretty neat.. loved the vivid description

  4. We picked the same theme: yours is much more fun!

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