Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Let Me Continue to Love Myself..

Written for 3ww

Drag; verb: Pull (something or someone) along forcefully, roughly or with difficulty; 
Mumble; verb: Say something indistinctly and quietly, making it difficult for others to hear; noun: A quiet and indistinct utterance.
Penetrate; verb: Succeed in forcing a way in or through (a thing);

Let Me Continue to Love Myself..

He penetrates deep into
My psyche,
Mumbles something,
The tone drags me
Into making an attempt
To understand myself
In that moment

A whole life had gone by
Indulging constantly
In futile exercises
Of understanding others
Leaving a deep vacuum
In my own inner space
Will that ever get filled-up

But then, hasn’t vacuum
Become a habit
Won’t filling it up actually
Create a void between
Reality and my perception
Of reality, hey, let me
Continue to love myself..

 RS : )

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Kiss With Their Destiny..

My second spontaneously created contribution for OSI : Wheat.. and also sharing with The Gooseberry Garden... it just happened so thought of sharing...

A Kiss With Their Destiny..

I see grains of wheat
Getting crushed in the machine
Transforming into
White smooth flour
Essential to make
‘Rotis’, which when puffed up
On flames of fire,
Become my food..

Isn’t there a lesson here
Sometimes it becomes
Essential to get crushed
By the time and circumstances
To evolve and find
The true meaning of
One’s existence... to
Be able to give and serve..

As the thought hits
Unaware I pick up
A few Grains of wheat
In my hand, and lo,
How they plead to
Let them join with others
To have their first and last crush
A kiss with their destiny
I release them
Awaiting their transformation
And perhaps mine too..

RS : )

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happily I breathe..

Written for OSI Prompt : Wheat...  Haiku Heights :  Breathe

A haiku...that stems from my heart...

Aroma of raw wheat
From the puffed-up ‘Roti’
Happily I breathe..

We hail from Punjab, so my wife, when she came to know about this prompt expressed spontaneously...

"What will we eat
If there were no Wheat"
And a  surprised me
Exclaimed, "How sweet!"

By : RS : )

Friday, August 26, 2011

I Will Steal Moments to Read a Sidney Sheldon....

Hello to  all at Rebecca's Haiku My Heart... a special chain of haikus... hope you will enjoy...

I Will Steal Moments to Read a Sidney Sheldon...

Ah, stars shine down
The other side of midnight
If tomorrow comes

Windmills of the Gods
The doomsday conspiracy
Rage of angels, yes..

Master of the game
A stranger in the mirror
Oh, the naked face

The best laid plans, ah,
Nothing lasts forever, the
Sands of time, bloodline

The sky is falling
Memories of midnight, are
You afraid of dark

Morning, noon and night
I will steal moments to read
A Sidney Sheldon

I offer this series of haikus as a tribute to Late Sidney Sheldon , my favourite writer of suspense who would make me sit on the edge as I would reach towards a nail-biting finish..  Awe-struck by the twists in the stories...

RS : )

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Ego Stole My Weakened Wings...

Written for  3 WW

Adapt; verb: Make (something) suitable for a new use or purpose; modify; become adjusted to a new condition; alter (a text) to make it suitable for filming, broadcasting or the stage.

Glide; verb: Move with a smooth continuous motion, typically with little noise; fly through the air with very little movement of the wings; noun: A smooth continuous movement.

Lie; verb: (of a person or animal) be in or assume a horizontal or resting position on a supporting surface; be, remain, or be kept in a specified state; noun: The way, direction, or position in which something lies

My Ego Stole My Weakened Wings...

I was smoothly gliding
A lovely flight that
Winds suddenly turned
Furious and strong
And I remembered the lesson
“Adapt and Lie low;
Let the winds settle”
But my ego hidden
Under my wings
Prevailed and I embarked
Upon a futile flight
Against the winds
As the energies depleted
My ego stole
My weakened wings
And thankfully flew away,
I am now growing
New wings quietly
Under the happy
Care of my inner being
I see my sky turning bluer
As the clouds melt..


“Adapt and lie low”
Words come gliding from skies, fall
Just ahead of me..

Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Extremes of Humanity..

Written for 'The Gooseberry Garden' with the theme...
Adam and Eve...

Two Extremes of Humanity.. 

Adam and Eve
Came back to have a look
At the world
And an amazed Eve exclaimed,
“ Adam, all this chaos
Six billion and counting;
Just because serpent
Tempted us  and we
Ate the forbidden fruit
My God, tell me,
why could we not foresee?”
And that’s the crux
Incapable of seeing the
Future; man has kept on
Eating forbidden fruits
Of many a kind...
Giving birth to great spectacles
Of  Evil; but then good
Too has had its share
Well, the world shall continue
With Light and dark
Taking their turns...
Pray, to stay bathed in light


Haiku a must for me, well it's here..

Had Adam and Eve,
Left the apple there, we won’t
Have this theme today...

By:  RS: )

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Creating Impression : A New Obsession

Hers's for OSI : Obsession
First as usual a Haiku..
I am obsessed
With my breath, can’t live without
Even for a day…

Creating Impression : A New Obsession

He cleaned the dust; book
Looks at him, asks,
“Hey, will you open me,
At least now
Let the words tied up here
Speak out for once..
I am bound to hold them
Together but then
I won’t mind
If you let them spill
And share with others
Isn’t that why you
Had picked me up
At the first place….”
He didn’t answer
Cleaned it up, closed it
And kept it back
Admiring the bookshelf
Presented to him
By his employers
In recognition of
His excellent performance
He was really
Obsessed with collecting
Books, they looked so
Beautiful lined up
An array of colourful strips
And created an impression
Of intellect being around
On all those, who
Visited him, creating
Impressions, isn’t that what
Life is all about…
He had read a couple,
A few pages of a few more
But most others were
Indeed decorations
Yes, creating impression
Like many others
Has become his
Current obsession…and
Those who visit him
Too suffer from the same
Faking passion and discussing
About titles of the books..

for Haiku Heights : Lullaby

For Haiku Heights first...

A night long chatter
Moon needs to sleep, mother Earth
Sings a lullaby..


By : RS : )

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cascade of Inspiration

Written for Rebecca's Haiku My Heart... It's Friday... isn't it..

Cascade of Inspiration

Sun beams happiness
Cascade of inspiration
Yes, I move forward..

Yes, I move forward
My spirit gets nudged by
Small hints of fortune

Small hints of fortune
Keep me on my toes to try
Newer ideas

Newer ideas
May need a Midas touch of
A courageous soul

A courageous soul
Yes, I may find a better me
Somewhere ahead there..

I read the line Cascade of Inspiration in an article and decided to use it as a prompt to express my today..with the hope of tomorrow...

By:  RS: )

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moon Smiles Mockingly.

Written for 3WW:

Gasp; verb: Inhale suddenly with the mouth open, out of pain or astonishment; strain to take a deep breath; noun: A convulsive catching of breath.

Mute; adjective: Refraining from speech or temporarily speechless; not expressed in speech; characterized by an absence of sound, quiet; noun: A person without the power of speech; verb: Deaden, muffle or soften the sound of; reduce the strength or intensity of (something).

Viable; adjective: Capable of working successfully, feasible.

First a Haiku, how can I miss it..

Scream? Not viable..
A mute response is not right
I just gasp at him..


Moon Smiles Mockingly..

Walking on Moon
I gasped for breathe, not
A viable alternative
If one forgets
Oxygen mask back at home
I jumped back in
My Dream, and
Returned to
Imagined reality
Wanted to share
The experience with all
But then someone
Pressed ‘Mute’
Another ‘Paused’
I gasp for breathe
Moon smiles mockingly..

By : RS : )

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Silence Resides Here..

Written for 'Silence' - OSI ( Thanks to Shail) and  for 'Whisper' - Haiku Heights ( Thanks to Paulami)  Also shared with Rebecca's  Haiku My Heart


 Silence Resides Here..

Inner silence gives
A calm glow on the face, ah,
Moon, a true example..

Yet, it is difficult
To achieve silence, the word
Itself speaks so much..

Focus on each breathe,
Takes me to a place that says,
“Silence resides here”.

But I am scared
To knock at the door, because
Won’t that break silence..

And silence whispers
“ Door is illusion, walk in”,
I do that and merge..

By : RS  : )

Friday, August 12, 2011

Branch of an Old Tree..

Happy Friday... to all of you.. thanks to Rebecca.. in her page I often find wisdom being sprinkled and blessings flowing as they flow from:

Branch of an Old Tree..

Branch of an old tree
Extends itself like God’s hand
Blesses passers-by


Awakened souls all
Arise with sunrise, to walk
Alone with themselves


Fresh faces find glow
When angels descend to join
Someone to share with


End of a good day
Birds all return, embraces
Branch of an old tree..

By   RS : )

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Deep Reluctance Holds Me Tight..

Written for 3WW Prompts..  Immune, Drench, Radiate..

Deep Reluctance Holds Me Tight..

Drenched in water
Immune to people around
He dances in rain

Drops of water shine
On his face, eyes radiate
A deep love for life

How I crave to be
Out there with him to catch
Rain-drops in my hands

Deep reluctance holds
Me tight, moments of magic
Slipping by quietly

That’s when my spirit
Pushes me with full force and
I find myself dance

In rain, like a mad
But where is he, oh, my muse
Vanishes or hides

Then I get the truth
Together we can’t be, for
That was also me

The one I wanted
Always to be, and wow, It’s
Kind of knowing

Now I know for sure
If ever magic beckons
I will be immune

Drenched in love
I will let my spirit radiate
Through my eyes, yes..

And what really
I would be doing; ah, simple,
Living the moment…

This poem, in a chain of haikus just happened.. I think I was living the moments as the words flowed.. about fifteen minutes ago it didn't exist... join me in happiness!!!

By:RS : )

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dreams Come For Free, na

Written for OSI: DREAMS   Prompt 180   
also shared with  Haiku My Heart and Haiku Heights..

 Dreams Come for Free, na

No, empty pockets
Never scare me even a bit
Dreams come for free, na

Carefully choosing
I pick them in bundles of
Myriad colours

Some get wings and fly
Others get caught in  webs of
Deceit and envy 

Betrayals happen
I again pick them afresh
Dreams come for free, na


Here's for Haiku Heights....on International Friendship Day

I wait every year
For friendship day, looking up
I greet Moon, my friend

A true friend indeed
Without fear I can share
No need to pretend.. 

By:  RS : )

A very Happy Friendship Day to you all..

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Night Embroiders Stars.. for HMH

It's Friday... a special Haiku Day for Rebecca's Haiku My Heart..

And as usual here I am ... the haikus were born as I was having my morning walk with trees flanking the road from both sides...and what I heard is what gave the first line..

Clamouring of birds
Stars quietly dim a goodbye
Moon fades in silence


Sun spreads a white sheet
Folds it neatly in layers
And calls it a day


I don’t plan a thing
Day unfolds itself and I
Just receive its gifts..


White sheet turns black, and
Lo, night embroiders stars, and
Stitches a Moon too.

 RS : )

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Let My Imagination Release a Paper Boat..

For 3WW.. Pierce, Dose, Appear.. 

I Let My Imagination Release a Paper Boat..

My thoughts pull a cloud
And piercing through the space
Take it to the Moon
Yes, Moon too deserves
To enjoy a dose of rain
One cloud, some raindrops
And just one thought 
Helps me see a much 
Happier Moon
Cherishing that small piece
Of lucky land, that's
Hosting a puddle of water
With raindrops dancing
On their own reflection
And I let my imagination
Release a paper boat too
With a little flag fluttering
Having an imprint
Of 3WW and its logo
Being the sponsors of this
Enchanting space odessey
It all appears so very happy
And absolutely beautiful
Let anyone see, I am sure
Your eyes are also
Reflecting this lovely scene..

By  RS  : ) 

finally I think I succeeded in making you smile with me... may the happiness stay ..and get enhanced.. thankyou for the visit..