Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Let Me Continue to Love Myself..

Written for 3ww

Drag; verb: Pull (something or someone) along forcefully, roughly or with difficulty; 
Mumble; verb: Say something indistinctly and quietly, making it difficult for others to hear; noun: A quiet and indistinct utterance.
Penetrate; verb: Succeed in forcing a way in or through (a thing);

Let Me Continue to Love Myself..

He penetrates deep into
My psyche,
Mumbles something,
The tone drags me
Into making an attempt
To understand myself
In that moment

A whole life had gone by
Indulging constantly
In futile exercises
Of understanding others
Leaving a deep vacuum
In my own inner space
Will that ever get filled-up

But then, hasn’t vacuum
Become a habit
Won’t filling it up actually
Create a void between
Reality and my perception
Of reality, hey, let me
Continue to love myself..

 RS : )


  1. Yeah, sometimes messing with things isn't a good idea! Love how this made me think! Very effective!

  2. I like this inner wrangle..the conclusion is just perfect..Jae :)

  3. Great poem of hope.
    Very positive and creating confidence.

  4. lovely poem it's good to find confidence in yourself and learn to love yourself.

  5. hasn't vacuum become a habit... terrific line!

  6. Loved the feel of 'inertia' in the poem... It's true, in a way ignorance is bliss!!!

  7. In an attempt to please everyone around us, we lose ourselves, our identity, our individuality. Sometimes due to our insecurities, sometimes out of love for them. But then that's what makes us human, isn't it?