Friday, September 2, 2011

A Haiku Without Moon : )

Friday Mornings I wake up with a little bit of extra excitement.. for I remember, its a day for creating Haikus ..i.e a chain of Haikus for REBECCA'S HAIKU MY HEART..  and today when I woke up I decided to write a Haiku without Moon.. and see what happened...

A Haiku Without Moon : )

After giving it
A lot of thought, I write a
Haiku without Moon...

And you smile, because
You find the Moon shining
In the last line there

Ah, Moon just walks in
Without knocking, nudges me
With a soft moon beam

And I accept it
Hold it in my heart and mind
To share with you all

Hey, let me break it
Then, you pick up a piece, and
Hang it on a tree...

Here, here, I break it
Welcome, make a pick, each piece
Shines bright in your eyes

RS : )

Thanks for stopping by and picking up your share.. do comment to let me know if you enjoyed it...


  1. Ah! Decorating the trees with moonbeams...the child in me is dancing under the trees! Have a wonderful day and thank you for this adventure! Cathy

  2. I have picked my gleaming piece which you freely share, no wonder Moon comes at your door so regularly!!
    Hey RS!! I miss the Elephant and Ant stories!! :)

  3. Can't get away from the moon ... yippee! Dancing with the moon and moonbeams. Hang the pieces in the trees and SMILE! Yes!

  4. LOL :D Even without the moon, it had some moon in it, eh RS :) Lovely set.

    Hope to see you join it at the Challenge soon.. :)

  5. here--->
    i will give you more moons:

    bright moon
    blue moon
    bring back a moon
    for Ramesh!

    {{ OK,
    wait about 2 weeks
    and then
    go look
    out your window!
    i think my incantation
    might work...
    we will see.}}

  6. you have filled me with utter delight ramesh! so generous you, so endearing and willing always to share all the beauty you see.

    you are always a bright offering in the flower chain of haiku my heart.
    so grateful you are here.

  7. Thank you for my piece of the moon... I will cherish it.

  8. i like the idea of decorating with moonbeams :)

  9. So sweet, Ramesh~ The moon always fills me with longing... Sharing slivers of moon beam is a beautiful image. Oh, seeing the moon in the dark with the silver-blue reflections of friends far away... Lovely, Ramesh.

  10. Ramesh--
    These haikus are lovely. I don't think that the moon needs to be totally absent from a haiku. Let's not be too hasty, but you have managed to create such a lovely and generous invitation of light for all, to share what I believe to be the inner light that you always carry with you my friend. I like the idea of breaking off a piece of moonlight, as one would bread for the hungry so that light will shine in the eyes of those who are in need of it.
    Peace and Light,

  11. sometimes moonbeams come in the window but I don't see the moon at all.

  12. moons and summer and poetry and friends, all tied together with a bright ribbon. Thank you for this, it is both familiar and unique.

  13. You make me smile! Your haikus have the light of both the moon, the stars ánd the sun!