Friday, September 2, 2011

Haikus for Mirror and Write .. for HH Challenge..

Haiku for Haiku Heights Challenge... hosted by Leo.. missed on the first prompt..hopefully will complete the rest...  Hope Leo won't mind..

Nanka of Quills wanted me to write my stories of Elephant and Ant..well got my chance here.. yesterday, elephant came home and sat on the chair where rested specs of the Ant and indeed those broke.. Ant was angry.. so what happened..

For 'Write'

Elephant writes to
Say sorry but Ant can't read
Misses specs, damn it!

For 'Mirror'...

(J)Dumbo Elephant,
Gifts her a mirror, angry
Ant, how can she see..



  1. RS.. I missed your Elephant and Ant series.. and am so glad you got it back :) Good to have you at the challenge.. This got me laughing.. and I'd been having a serious day. So thank you, friend! :)

  2. Two lovely haiku - made me smile.
    Will we be seeing more of Elephant and Ant throughout the September Challenge?

  3. Oh..these are endearing haikus....brought a smile to my face...maybe next time elephant 2 pairs of specs so he can continue to break one. :)

  4. LOL RS!!! You did it again!! Brought back that ever warring couple into the limelight again!! This beats all other earlier Ant and Elephant stories by you!! LOL!! LOL!! LOL!! :D

    Thank you for getting them back!! Cheers!!

  5. You made me giggle!! Elephant should read, The apology to Ant, so Ant can forgive!
    Love this Ramesh!!

  6. Fun haikus.. thanks for sharing this.

  7. Sweet! Ant represents frustration and self-pity... Interesting point-of-view.

  8. Ramesh this is darling almost like an Aesop fable!

  9. Oh this was wonderful Rji...

    You made me laugh so much :)

  10. A wonderful introduction to your blog and great sense of humor. I look forward to reading more about Elephant and Ant.