Wednesday, September 28, 2011

'Intellect' Starts With An ' I '..

Written for 3WW... Cherish, Nausea, Guarantee..

'Intellect' Starts With An ' I '..

Let me confess
I learnt the hard way, that
These three words
"I, Me, Myself"
Guarantee nausea
For those around
And the absence starts
Getting cherished
Catching this self-enhancing
Ego-based habit  
And then working on
Eliminating it
With deliberate efforts
To reach from, "Hey,
Is he joining for the picnic,
Well then leave us out,"
To "Hey, lets go together
We won't go without you
And we are not here
To listen to a NO"
Taught me one nore thing
If I talk good about you,
Then of course you will like me
And If I talk good about myself
You won't like me
And then does it mean
You liking yourself is Ok
But I liking myself is not
Well be as it may
While  sharing this
And deeply contemplating
On this particular lesson
I find it indeed very
Comforting to see that
'Intellect' starts with an ' I '...

RS : )


  1. A lot of questioning and reasoning here RS!! An intelligent mind rightly does so and seeking appraisal is always in the human nature!!

  2. Very good debate!

    Me myself and I...

    And here's a Phew! for you too!

  3. Very interesting Sir....really set me thinking.... thanks for letting me reach this.... very different and fresh thinking from you.... my purpose behind visiting your page has been beautifully served once again.
    Thank you Sir

  4. As always your poems are thought provoking.