Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let Life Be Interesting..

Written for 3WW : Dull, Yawn, Race..

Let Life Be Interesting

Alarm screams, and
He wakes up with a jolt
Feels dull, yawns,
Says to himself,
" To hell with race,
I won't run today
Let me go back to sleep.."
And lo, within minutes
Starts snoring again..
Just like that, without
Blinking an eye..
We miss so many races
In life, feeling dull
At moments ,when
We should be
Fully alive, ready
To take on the world...
Hey, let us wake-up
Each morning
With springs in our feet
If possible without waiting
For the more
Dull and yawning lapses...
Let life be interesting
And more meaningful
Day will unwrap
Many a beautiful gift
Lets be ready to receive
By being fully alive
Every moment..

 RS : )


  1. Thank you for that wake-up call, Ramesh. I really did need it, as I've been feeling "why bother-ish" all week.

  2. Lovely RS!! Your poem ran at a brisk pace, and very invigorating!! Its surely making me feel strong, healthy, and full of energy!! Brilliant!!

  3. being lazy has become a privilege... rat race is a more common activity...

  4. i'd say laziness is an art! no one knows it any more with the internet forcing you to key in words, and the phone forcing you to talk....but then you are talking about a different kind of energy....nice thought.

  5. Bursting with your usual optimism and joy Ramesh..a real alarm call..Jae

  6. beautifully scripted. I go through the same feeling every morning and it is only at home when I want to capture the mornings..
    I have been away from home for long now.

  7. Inspiring.
    I wish I felt so inspired every morning.

    Keep writing, Rameshji. :)

  8. Phew, that's just what I needed to hear!