Sunday, April 26, 2015


Haiku Horizon 

takes its toll on me;
short hair


Aha, summer;
short dresses come tumbling
out of wardrobe


Monday, April 13, 2015

She Plucks A Cloud..

Haiku Horizons... Prompt: Needle.

Shared with Rebecca's Haiku My Heart..

Needle can't sew them;
she fills her white pillow with
small pieces of cloud


Late addition: Inspired by the Haiku posted by Kokila Gupta..

Needles of your love
stitch with threads of  pain & joy;
my repaired heart..


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ah, It Feels So Good !!

MY 1000TH POST...

I wrote it on April First when I turned 55.. Sharing today..


Sky, Sun, Moon, Stars,  Birds ,
Trees, Wind, Fire, Flowers and She;
My thousandth blog post



Some six years of writing
in this magical space
with ripened words falling from
the trees of past,
some more from the  skies of future , and some
came laughing from my ‘today’         
and one felt good when a Haiku showed
and a poem spoke
and you , the reader, saw, heard or felt
good and sometimes very good
and you told me so.
Looking back,  now keying the words
in the present here
 can I see the future and how
it would unfold joys unlimited
or fold the  things unwanted
 scattered around me in one
wave of  its  arm of time
Well, I find myself moving in moments
as I write this here in the now
feeling excited & optimistic
smiling alone as she walks in and asks
“Hey, what are you writing?”
“My thousandth post, “ I look at her
and see the radiance of my face
reflecting in hers and she smiles too
and I know you are also smiling
feeling good for me as I reach
this milestone after I took that first step
in November 2009
without knowing where will I reach.
Yet, you didn’t leave me,
your constant visits to my page
and words of appreciation encouraged me
I went on..and on..
Thank You, dear readers, you made
The whole world my world
As I see  so many colourful flags
Fluttering on this page..
Push me, to begin another journey
towards 2000th…touch wood!!!
Yes, it feels so good..