Sunday, May 30, 2010


Letting 'love' to be
That’s love to me!


Where does a rainbow come from
And where does it go
I am purely in love with it
So not really bothered to know….
( Repeated for the OSI Prompt - from my book A little More Than Ordinary)



Love is a feeling much more than
All its expressions
Scattered around
A mere thought of the beloved
Triggers an explosion of energy
Reverberating the very core
Making heart throb
In excitement…
Then the swift thuds of footsteps
And the sight of approaching
Silhouette of the beloved against
Fading light of the Moon
Makes the body tremble resonating
With the effervescent moments
Awaiting ravenously
For the world to quietly vanish

As soul quivers to feel free
In those beautiful moments
God decides to be the mute witness….

Friday, May 28, 2010

Badly Battered and Bruised

Winning many a battle I reached the top
Like stepping stones many heads I used
When in vacant moments I met with my soul,
Oh! She was badly battered and bruised.

I am sharing the thoughts that prompted the lines above:

Mind loves to use people for its own benefit and keeps on hurting the Soul which remains a mute spectator. And man losing touch with his soul , continues with his own manipulative behaviour. And then on the day of reckoning, or in some vacant moments man fails to recognize his own battered soul. And when he does and if he does, even then it’s not sure whether the spectacle would influence him to change his ways. And the life may go on inflicting more hurts on the soul. Finally the realization may dawn. But then wouldn’t it be so very late?
Would love to have your views..please.. RS

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thoughts as they came..( OSI Prompt floating III)

Oblivious Mind

Glorious morning Sun,
Floating clouds & singing birds
Fragrant breeze ,

flowers dancing,
Yet oblivious mind ,

Gets stuck in yesterday’s turmoil.



Will they melt & rain
Where Earth’s in pain

Or choose to become rough
Where water is enough

Or simply stray
And just fade away

Yes, mystery shrouds
These floating clouds….


Sunday, May 23, 2010

OSI Prompt - Floating (II)

A Floating Cloud Lost Its Way...

A floating cloud
Lost its way
And found me
I held this gift of nature,
In my hands, folded it,
Put in my pocket
And in the silence of night,
Quietly before slumber struck
Tore it into small pieces
Filled them in my pillow
And then resting my head on it
Went to deep sleep, smiling

In my dreams
I found myself having become
A floating cloud,
Happily wandering
with the cluster
Lit in the moonlight
Chattering with the stars
In the vastness of skies
Yet a constant fear
Tagged along
What if I lost my way,
What if I lost my way...

If you are visiting this post written for OSI
prompt ' Floating ', then do visit earlier post to on the same prompt..

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I talked and talked
Without ever getting tired
But then
You got, listening..
Now I live quietly
In the Layers of
Deafening silence
A strange place, that!
But It’s a happier me
For I often find you around
Floating through
The haze of my dreams
And before I can embrace you
I hear the sounds of
Fluttering wings of thoughts
Swiftly fading away
Making me cringe
In my silent space
If ever you choose to
Have a brief sojourn
In those few fleeting moments
What will we talk…

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tears, Stars and Flowers

Tears, Stars and Flowers

Millions & millions of years
I had been shedding tears

For many ages God ignored
And finally He too got bored

Then very swiftly He acted
In a bowl, my tears He collected

And threw them in the space afar
Lo! They turned into glittering stars

Skies laughed, they were full of mirth
Finding me better, God sent me to earth

Comfortably I went through life’s motions
A bundle of all kinds of emotions

In my heart I always carried my fears
And avoided ever shedding any tears

But then alas, when my mother died
I remember having openly cried

Tears & tears I couldn’t help but howl
None was there to collect them in a bowl

They mingled in dust, didn’t turn into stars
That evening God sent some evening showers

A few days later there I found some growth
Seeds of my tears had sprouted at the spot

The leaves glistening with the morning dew
Little tiny buds of lovely colours and hues

I wondered as I thought of special beings
Whom God gives very unique experiences

Being among those with pride I glowed
Never held my tears as they freely flowed

Each would turn into either a flower or a star
Whatever be the root - joy, pain or scars

Tears of sadness and tears of happiness,
Essential parts of being human, God bless!


Monday, May 17, 2010


Words give meanings
Meanings confuse
Confusion disturbs mind
Mind disturbs other minds
And those others seek explanations
For explanations one needs
More words…thus
More meanings
And the confusion stays constant
Clarity of reality blurs
And when one tries to create
Reality out of blurred images
Illusions hang on the windows
Like curtains trembling in the wind
And one hopes that from
Whatever little gap
Wisdom beams may penetrate
Into mind’s eye
Offering vision for transparent clarity
Reality will then be understood
Without words..
And I wonder, if that happens
What would the poet in me do
Snubbing my voice
A stranger in me shouts…
Let vibrations communicate
Intense feelings, before words kill
But the stubborn me
How can I accept
We all know the words give meanings….
Hey, Don't they?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thoughts on OSI Prompt - Trembling

The tiny rosebud
Opened up, a bit unsure,
Waiting fingers stayed still..


" Welcome breeze!"
Exclaim fresh leaves
But the dry cry, trembling
"No please, no please."
( From my book A Little More Than ordinary)


A mild tremor
And the skyscraper stood trembling
Despite a deep foundation
Yet, far deeper are the wounds
Of mother earth , who
Expresses anguish, occasionally
Only if man could empathise
For the sake of his own prolongation..


Whenever I wrote
He trembled with fear
For, he thought
He will have to lend an ear..
And I too
Never showed mercy
While narrating
My spontaneous poetry...


Friday, May 14, 2010

Raining Reactions...

Winter’s warmth
Turns into summer’s scorching heat
That forms billows for rain
We accept, without remorse
These inevitable changes
For, we can’t fight nature..

Yet we fail to accept
Each other’s mood swings
Raining reactions
We often turn
Our springs into deserts
Aren’t we then part of nature?


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Happier You

This is my 50 th post.. I have started believing that just like learning every thing else thro' practice, we need to also practice happiness.. for that's the be happy.. So, here's the post dedicated to you, the discerning and loving
visitor, connecting with me in this space where I experience happiness and freedom... I am sure this experience is mutual..

No, I don’t aim to be
The Happiest one
But want a life of a mortal
Well lived
Full of joy and fun
For that, God bless
I shall continue
To Practice Happiness
Join me, won’t you!

Well, let’s start
For this awhile
Just smile..
Wow, that’s how!
Look at you

Shining & smiling
Glowing and gleaming
How beautiful
Practicing happiness
A happier you
Yes, and a happier me..
God bless!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Thoughts As They Came (VII)

what I am sharing here are
sudden flashes of insights happened at different
times while on the journey..
Hope the flow would continue..pray for me..


Everyone applauded, and I couldn’t
I couldn’t take his success in my stride
That’s when something inside me snapped,
Oh! I was living without being alive.


Self Awareness

To go to the darkest corners
Of my inner space, I dare,
It’s this fearlessness, perhaps,
That makes me ‘Self Aware’.


Heart & Mind

In a dark shady street
My heart and mind
Could not meet
Because, God was kind
( from my book A Little More Than Ordinary)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

One Single Impression - Reign


A portion of me likes you
And another hates
But the core of me stands baffled
Perhaps because of what you are
And a lot more for what I am
Yet most of me hold you in good esteem
In spite of your merciless reign
Over my thoughts; Ah! Obsessed me
Destiny entangled our lives
Smoldering in your fire life evolved,
As I reach beyond wrong and right
It’s time for parting ways, yet
I shall not burden myself with the decision
Destiny brought us together
Let destiny decide
But, here and now
I announce my absolute freedom
No, you won’t be reigning over my thoughts
Any more, for you too
Deserve freedom..and respect..


Becoming Free

It’s a sure and tested way
For inflicting torture on ‘self’
By letting thoughts be
Reigned over by someone else

Millions of thoughts,
To pick from and think
Then why be obsessed
And fixated with something

Hey, become free and
Let heart grow wings
Let it fly and find
How a cuckoo sings

Why and how did nature
Design a rainbow
Thousands of hues,
Yet only seven to show

What does make Sun
So punctual and wise
Always on dot,
Never late to arise

Why does a tiny bud
Open up to bloom
Knowing will be filched
For decorating a room

Each moment in real world
Something wonderful is happening
In world of thoughts then each day
Keep planting new saplings

No more obsessions
Let’s permit none to reign
Ever over heart and mind
Let joy and bliss rain


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thoughts on Mother's Day..

Yes, I had wept
When Mom had left

For her heavenly abode
Commanded by God

Time has flown
30 Years gone

By God's grace abound
In spirit she stays around

Even if she's never seen
Mom's presence I often feel

I still talk with her
I still walk with her

But then it's true I had wept
When Mom had suddenly left.


Beckoned the sky
So vast and blue
I wanted to fly
So I flew..


And got inspired just a few days back to write:

Just out of the rocking cradle
Little hands splashing water
Droplets landing on my face
Wow, an indefinable moment that!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My First Air Travel

May 01, 2010 - the day I experienced my first air travel. New Delhi to Pune by Kingfisher. Sitting on the window seat, I found myself lost, the thinker in me prompted me to scribble my experience which I am sharing with you all..


The glistening Flying Machine lifted its nose
Roaring and soaring higher & higher
Piercing through the curtains of weather
The skyscrapers turning into tiny dots
Fading away like misty dreams
Cities appearing size of an infant’s hand
Vanishing quietly in the haze
The layers of clouds floating around
Like shimmering pieces of white cotton
Creating soft whispering patterns
Offering solace to marveling eyes
Endless sky gleaming purity
Rivers meandering through the valleys
Seemed like partings in the curls
Golden streaks shining on the edges of billows
Slow movement of the pointed end of the wing
Against the horizon, betraying speed
Yes, thousands of meters above the seas
On the other side of the oval shaped window
Hung a soft and quieter world
Peaceful, pious and radiant,
Beauty and splendor splashed around
Glorious nature blushing, unmasked
Heavenly feelings engulfing the soul
Yet surprisingly, one hope stayed profound-
Of safely landing on the ground
Back to my own world of eternal chaos
Ah, to be a human with myriad attachments!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Enigma...Who is He? (OSI Prompt)

Spreading his wings he would soar higher and higher
Trying to hold Moon in his hands and fill his pockets
With glittering smiling stars.. and
Then hide somewhere in the outer space to wake up
And take a bath in the burning flames of sun
Then tread over soft clouds to wet his feet, with dew drops
Climbing down the rainbows to go dancing
In the lush green valleys , smelling Daffodils of Wordsworth
In a flash of moment suddenly using a Sun ray like a rope to
Swing around the circumference of Earth.. Then quietly
He would vanish in the depths of my inner space
Mingling with my soul, perhaps
Oh, my God, he stays with me.. yet
I don't know him, who is he, a mystery , an enigma..
The Dreamer in Me... Who?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thoughts As they Came.. (V)

In a get together of friends and foes
He was abused and made small
He didn't defend, oh! he couldn't
For, he wasn't there at all..


It's not that I don't want a friend,
It's only that I can't pretend
If you are real without a mask.
Welcome, you don't have to ask..


A rose smilingly bloomed
Spreading aroma and fragrance
An ignorant one plucked it
To have it all for himself..