Sunday, May 9, 2010

One Single Impression - Reign


A portion of me likes you
And another hates
But the core of me stands baffled
Perhaps because of what you are
And a lot more for what I am
Yet most of me hold you in good esteem
In spite of your merciless reign
Over my thoughts; Ah! Obsessed me
Destiny entangled our lives
Smoldering in your fire life evolved,
As I reach beyond wrong and right
It’s time for parting ways, yet
I shall not burden myself with the decision
Destiny brought us together
Let destiny decide
But, here and now
I announce my absolute freedom
No, you won’t be reigning over my thoughts
Any more, for you too
Deserve freedom..and respect..


Becoming Free

It’s a sure and tested way
For inflicting torture on ‘self’
By letting thoughts be
Reigned over by someone else

Millions of thoughts,
To pick from and think
Then why be obsessed
And fixated with something

Hey, become free and
Let heart grow wings
Let it fly and find
How a cuckoo sings

Why and how did nature
Design a rainbow
Thousands of hues,
Yet only seven to show

What does make Sun
So punctual and wise
Always on dot,
Never late to arise

Why does a tiny bud
Open up to bloom
Knowing will be filched
For decorating a room

Each moment in real world
Something wonderful is happening
In world of thoughts then each day
Keep planting new saplings

No more obsessions
Let’s permit none to reign
Ever over heart and mind
Let joy and bliss rain



  1. Well written Mr. Sood, love the spirit in the second one especially.

  2. One can share thoughts, permit criticism, but controlling is ruled out..... Well expressed.

  3. Thanks Harshadji and Aayushi, for encouraging as ever.. And Aayushi it would be comfortable to be a little informal for world of thoughts doesn't recognise age..

  4. Woww..I love your poem Ramesh! Both, the You and Me and becoming free...

    However, that would be quite difficult to happen much to our wish to be free, right? It will remain to be in the mind...

    Thanks for your visit in my site Ramesh!

  5. Sometimes I wish destiny would work a little faster than she does! I could relate to this. Thank you.

  6. Amity and Sandy.. you have been so generous and nice with your comments.. Thanks a lot!

  7. very well written! You stated it well in both of them

  8. Thanks Gautami, finally..I am so happy..

    Thank you Hoff.. I am following you and know you will too..

  9. wonderful wonderful thought... you left me reverting in thoughts

  10. Ramesh,
    I enjoyed both your poems. One a nice commentary on relationships with destiny. The other being free of obsessions to become free in the end. Both introspective to me. Thank you. My best, Rob.

  11. It is strange how much reigns over us. Nicely penned!

  12. as if a cup as been overfilled spills out and continues on till at last we become aware and stop the flow...... obsession is a good word that stops me cold... we must remember to smile instead of think too much... one cannot obsess with a smile... yeah, i like this

  13. I really like both of your poems. There is a lot to think of in both of them. The lines:"Hey, become free and
    Let heart grow wings" are my favorite! Thanks for these~

  14. Rajat, Rob, Tumblewords, Pieceofpie, Patti..thank you all ,, I feel so inspired..and in the flow..God bless you all!