Monday, May 10, 2010

Thoughts As They Came (VII)

what I am sharing here are
sudden flashes of insights happened at different
times while on the journey..
Hope the flow would continue..pray for me..


Everyone applauded, and I couldn’t
I couldn’t take his success in my stride
That’s when something inside me snapped,
Oh! I was living without being alive.


Self Awareness

To go to the darkest corners
Of my inner space, I dare,
It’s this fearlessness, perhaps,
That makes me ‘Self Aware’.


Heart & Mind

In a dark shady street
My heart and mind
Could not meet
Because, God was kind
( from my book A Little More Than Ordinary)


  1. Nice 4liners. I like the 2ns one more.
    however i didnt get the third. Can you put some light ?

  2. Heart and Mind made me smile. Oh, for a merciful God!

  3. Thanks, Sandy and Sandra, for visiting and inspiring..

    Well, Megha, thanks, please will get it..

  4. Hi Ramesh. I am glad you like my photographs. I have 18,000 on my computer. I know I should post more but never seem to have the time. There is always inspiration contained in a moment captured. Have a good evening. Rob.

  5. Thanks Rob, will continue to visit.. hope you liked my creation against each of the seven photoes on first page.

  6. Jealousy put in words that are unique. Excellent expression of thoughts.

  7. Jealousy put in words that are unique - wonderful expression of thoughts.

  8. i've always thought jealousy as a robber and a thief a strange mistress indeed that shares the same darkness that stares back when we search a mirror too long perhaps... i like these floating feathers.. is good to open our thoughts and air them out

  9. Your quotes are now quoted.
    I want to ask you here; there are sometimes strong urges and temptation to falter since it is the easy path but till now the God who resides in my heart has helped me conquer. I want to know what will happen if 'in the dark shady street, the heart and the mind will meet.' I sometimes see light through the dark tunnel and willingly go through the tunnel knowing that I am moving on the restricted path but the destination is right.

  10. Rajat, let me answer, Yes, the meeting of heart and mind in a dark and shady street is likely to leave dark spots on the soul.. Do look at my second post when I started posting on this blog.. 'Soul's Journey Back Home' , more answers will come or more may get evolved in your discerning mind to help us all..