Sunday, May 23, 2010

OSI Prompt - Floating (II)

A Floating Cloud Lost Its Way...

A floating cloud
Lost its way
And found me
I held this gift of nature,
In my hands, folded it,
Put in my pocket
And in the silence of night,
Quietly before slumber struck
Tore it into small pieces
Filled them in my pillow
And then resting my head on it
Went to deep sleep, smiling

In my dreams
I found myself having become
A floating cloud,
Happily wandering
with the cluster
Lit in the moonlight
Chattering with the stars
In the vastness of skies
Yet a constant fear
Tagged along
What if I lost my way,
What if I lost my way...

If you are visiting this post written for OSI
prompt ' Floating ', then do visit earlier post to on the same prompt..


  1. Happy floating...Don't worry. It is a beautiful feeling. Stay with it.

  2. Great imagery, lovely feeling, this floating like a cloud.

  3. I like this one, too. We can never truly abandon ourselves.

  4. what a way to express... the way you have defined the fear of 'being lost'. Applauds.
    The dreamer, the stubborn, the lost all these group together to tell how the kid inside is still alive in you. Thanks for sharing such wonderful wonderful write-ups. It gives a chance to reflect.

  5. wow..beautiful...what an imagery!!!

  6. Let go of "what if" and dream. Beautiful poem.

  7. Thanks to all of you.. your inspiration spurs newer thoughts.. keep inspiring, please...

  8. yeah, i changed my url, so you may have t add it asgain to get the updates.

  9. oh, to be a floating cloud - what a lovely thought

    I think the part about losing your way is sort of mixing/adding reality, which I think it's true of all creatures - losing one's way is always one thought away

  10. I love the idea of a lost cloud floating along waiting to be found...and this poem floats as well. Lovely!

  11. Thank you alot..Lissa and Patti.. you inspire..keep visiting..

  12. Nice imagery in your poem. Maybe a nice place to be lost, along with all the other clouds.