Friday, May 14, 2010

Raining Reactions...

Winter’s warmth
Turns into summer’s scorching heat
That forms billows for rain
We accept, without remorse
These inevitable changes
For, we can’t fight nature..

Yet we fail to accept
Each other’s mood swings
Raining reactions
We often turn
Our springs into deserts
Aren’t we then part of nature?



  1. i enjoyed reading most of ur posts..the one on airtravel was very well written and i also liked the one on mother.very expressive!!keep going.and also a word of appreciation for the profile description,it is interesting, esp 'i try to stay in a happier state of mind'!!
    congrats on ur 50th post..keep blogging,will keep reading:)

  2. Thanks blueapple..Happy to find you here.. well, keep inspiring..

  3. Raining Reactions is very very beautiful expression of how mind operates.

    Where we can't change, we willingly accept. Where we think we can, we want our say!

  4. Hmm...yea right, when it comes with people and society, we compare with ourselves and we want people to be like ourselves, there the problem begins :(

    thoughtful and nice