Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thoughts As they Came.. (V)

In a get together of friends and foes
He was abused and made small
He didn't defend, oh! he couldn't
For, he wasn't there at all..


It's not that I don't want a friend,
It's only that I can't pretend
If you are real without a mask.
Welcome, you don't have to ask..


A rose smilingly bloomed
Spreading aroma and fragrance
An ignorant one plucked it
To have it all for himself..


  1. People do this, and it's maddening. What part of the self cannot be satisfied with letting things be but must claim and take and brand with a personal label?

  2. The 2nd one takes the award...
    The most beautiful face can some times turn out to be the most decieving one and the Saint could turn out to be a swindler.
    It's not the most soft spoken one but the one who has the courage to speak the truth,
    It's not the most religious one but the one who follows the sacred path,
    It's not the selfish one but the selfless creature - who I term as been wearing his real visage, the rest is all facade.
    "Goodness is something that should be imbibed in you rather than an act for you; for you may be the best actor of goodwill to the people but you should remember that the real judge are not they whom you are popular with, but it is HE who maintains your scorecard."

  3. Important words. The middle one was most profound.

  4. Indeed. I agree with the previous comments. The second one is what won me over. The most profound thought expressed in as simple a manner as possible. Quietly alluring. :)

  5. thought provoking lines curling around my finger contemplating vines blooming with conjecture... and then the rose i never pick observe the scent cross my nose along the path of life... this style of thoughtful prose...

  6. I loved the last one most.

    To Sandy Carlson : yes, what part that is not satisfied? Question makes me go into deeper silence.

    Thank you Rameshji.

  7. Oh! such discerning minds commenting and encouraging.. no I could not have asked for more in this beautiful world of thoughts.. lets continue to expand and move on...

    Thanks PieceofPie for being with me here and now.. Sandy, Harshad, Rajat, Anthony North, Creation ( Is it Kirti?)I feel blessed in your presence..