Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tears, Stars and Flowers

Tears, Stars and Flowers

Millions & millions of years
I had been shedding tears

For many ages God ignored
And finally He too got bored

Then very swiftly He acted
In a bowl, my tears He collected

And threw them in the space afar
Lo! They turned into glittering stars

Skies laughed, they were full of mirth
Finding me better, God sent me to earth

Comfortably I went through life’s motions
A bundle of all kinds of emotions

In my heart I always carried my fears
And avoided ever shedding any tears

But then alas, when my mother died
I remember having openly cried

Tears & tears I couldn’t help but howl
None was there to collect them in a bowl

They mingled in dust, didn’t turn into stars
That evening God sent some evening showers

A few days later there I found some growth
Seeds of my tears had sprouted at the spot

The leaves glistening with the morning dew
Little tiny buds of lovely colours and hues

I wondered as I thought of special beings
Whom God gives very unique experiences

Being among those with pride I glowed
Never held my tears as they freely flowed

Each would turn into either a flower or a star
Whatever be the root - joy, pain or scars

Tears of sadness and tears of happiness,
Essential parts of being human, God bless!



  1. Touching deeply.

    "Each would turn into either a flower or a star
    Whatever be the root - joy, pain or scars"


    Thank you.

  2. What a connect.. A soft-hearted, beautiful poem. You believe in God and I like the way you connect to Him.

  3. Thnaks Harshad and Rajat.. you have a way to put it direct to the heart.. love it.. lets keep always connected..

  4. it's very human to cry so your poems reflects that and the hope of continuing on as something newly created by grief and other emotions

  5. Thanks Lissa! You touched the core..

  6. I really loved this, it made me smile. So well-written, rhymes perfectly. Keep up the good work, Mr. Sood. :)

  7. Ramesh Sood,

    This gave me hope.
    Thank you.

  8. Beautiful poem as always, the way you are connect to God is amazing!
    Short Poems

  9. Thank you, Aayushi for being here and encouraging as usual..

    Marinela, yes, I have always felt this connection..still I have to trust Him a lot more..

    And Ciarline, as I have written in one of the poems here...I always keep my hold on the rope of hope.. Thanks for your first visit..

  10. Excellent imagery!! And how well you have narrated a story here... really beautiful!!
    Tears held back only tend to flow harder later! So why hold back at all?! No? :)
    I really really enjoyed reading this beautiful poem, Ramesh...
    Your words here touched my heart...

  11. Very nice...thanks for sharing.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
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