Friday, May 28, 2010

Badly Battered and Bruised

Winning many a battle I reached the top
Like stepping stones many heads I used
When in vacant moments I met with my soul,
Oh! She was badly battered and bruised.

I am sharing the thoughts that prompted the lines above:

Mind loves to use people for its own benefit and keeps on hurting the Soul which remains a mute spectator. And man losing touch with his soul , continues with his own manipulative behaviour. And then on the day of reckoning, or in some vacant moments man fails to recognize his own battered soul. And when he does and if he does, even then it’s not sure whether the spectacle would influence him to change his ways. And the life may go on inflicting more hurts on the soul. Finally the realization may dawn. But then wouldn’t it be so very late?
Would love to have your views..please.. RS


  1. Touching. The irony of life is that some people don't ever realize that, they just keep on hurting.

  2. Ironic, but very true. I noticed how you addressed your soul as a 'she'.

  3. Thanks Rajat and Aayushi.. I think I have always looked at soul as having been described with all the feminine traits.. hence 'She'..

  4. Philosofy ? has to be, that's the base of poetry right ?

    nice :)

  5. Sooner or later one has to meet her.

    Thanks for reminding.

  6. Megha, u r right..thanks

    Harshadji, I will request you to go thro my first entry... Soul's Journey Back Home.. I will like your feedback on that.. as I am personally convinced about waht I wrote..because it just happened exactly the way it is written.. hope you will do that..

    Marinela.. as ever, you continue to amaze.. I can see you among the greats..

  7. Stupendous, i would say, as it holds spiritual and philosophical flavours in a balanced way...
    I prefer self actualization than running someone else race.
    The more the I in us, more the bruises ...
    What can we expect from the living beings who even love out of selfishness...?