Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thoughts on Mother's Day..

Yes, I had wept
When Mom had left

For her heavenly abode
Commanded by God

Time has flown
30 Years gone

By God's grace abound
In spirit she stays around

Even if she's never seen
Mom's presence I often feel

I still talk with her
I still walk with her

But then it's true I had wept
When Mom had suddenly left.


Beckoned the sky
So vast and blue
I wanted to fly
So I flew..


And got inspired just a few days back to write:

Just out of the rocking cradle
Little hands splashing water
Droplets landing on my face
Wow, an indefinable moment that!



  1. Absolutely lovely, both verses, made me smile, and think about such great moments in life.

  2. Thanks Aayushi, hope you will also see the one added just now..

  3. Beautiful expressions.

    Parents never part. They remain as our part within forever. Well expressed.